Fronius product and solutions training Windhoek, Namibia 27 May 2019


5/27/2019 / Windhoek
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On this training course, technical employees of PV installation companies will learn everything they need to know about mounting, commissioning and servicing Fronius PV inverters and system monitoring solutions. 


Date 5/27/2019
Address Namibia, Radio Electronic, Windhoek, 8 Sipres Street
Duration 9.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.
Language English
Max. Attendees 20
Costs free of charge
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/  Fronius inverter overview

/  Fronius solutions

/  Introduction in system design with Fronius inverters

/  Components and setup of Fronius data communication solution

/  Commissioning of Fronius inverter systems

/  Introduction in troubleshooting

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