What is the lifetime of a lithium-ion battery? 10. December 2019


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Consumer electronic products, stationary battery storage systems and e-mobility cover the broad field of application of lithium-ion battery technology. In our webinar you will learn everything about the technology and how it differs at the cell level in different product groups. Our experts show significant differences in performance, energy density and lifetime and face common prejudices about battery storage systems. Take advantage of our LIVE chat for your questions and become an expert in battery storage systems by yourself.


Topics of this webinar:

/ How does a battery storage system work?

/ What are the differentiations of individual cell architectures and cell chemistry?

/ What are battery management system (BMS) and safety functions?

/ What is the C-rate and how does it correlate with charging / discharging the battery?

/ How can the life of a battery be analyzed?


Target group: Plant designers, electricians, installers, wholesalers, energy consultants

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Date 12/10/2019
Address Online
Duration 04:00 - 05:00 pm CET
Language English
Max. Attendees 1000
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