How to install the Fronius Ohmpilot



New online installation video

The Fronius Ohmpilot is the intelligent consumption regulator for heat generation. It uses excess PV energy to efficiently generate heat, which may then be used to provide hot water or to support a heating system. In this way it is possible to considerably increase a user’s rate of self-consumption.

How to install the Fronius Ohmpilot

Installing the Fronius Ohmpilot could not be easier. The new installation video shows how few steps are required to integrate the Fronius Ohmpilot into the photovoltaic system.


Simple data connection via RS485, LAN or WLAN

Since the heating rod is already present in most boilers or buffer storage tanks, there is no need to intervene as an installer in systems with which you may be less familiar. You can choose between a direct data connection via RS485, LAN or WLAN, so that the right connection is available for every situation. As the Fronius Ohmpilot has been designed as a “plug & play” solution, only the password needs to be entered to establish a WLAN connection. Thanks to the WPS function, this process is child’s play. The Fronius Ohmpilot can be connected to an existing WLAN network with just two buttons. When the Fronius Ohmpilot is being supplied with power, it measures the connected heating rod and – without any further configuration being necessary – starts to regulate the rate of self-consumption. Additional functions, such as maintaining a minimum temperature and legionella protection, etc., can optionally be configured easily and clearly via the web interface.


The new installation video shows each step exactly in order to eliminate any uncertainties.

Peter Maul, Hardy Barth

"Since the heating rod is usually already present, we do not need the assistance of specialist heating or plumbing engineers and can easily install the Ohmpilot through the plug & play principle. The Ohmpilot truly is a plug and play solution." Peter Maul from Hardy Barth Ges.m.b.H.