Six good reasons to invest in a Fronius Smart Meter


What benefits does a Fronius Smart Meter bring? And what can we do with the data that the Smart Meter provides? Anyone investing in a PV system wants to make the best possible use of their self-generated solar energy, save on energy costs and maximise self-consumption. The key to this is effective system monitoring so that the PV system can be optimised to meet the user’s requirements. This is where the Fronius Smart Meter comes into play by providing valuable data about PV production and power consumption in the home or workplace. Let’s take a look in more detail at what that means for you.
Fronius System Partner, Fronius Smart Meter
1. Achieving a higher rate of self-consumption

With a Fronius Smart Meter,  system owners know how much power they generate AND consume.

Contrary to a PV system without a Fronius Smart Meter, PV production and power consumption is made clear. This knowledge is indispensable in order to optimise energy usage in the home or workplace and enables you to see how your energy production and consumption is spread over the day so you can switch on the washing machine, for example, when there is sufficient energy available from the PV system and not when electricity needs to be drawn from the grid. The results are truly impressive: a higher rate of self-consumption, lower energy costs and a shorter payback period for the PV system.
2. Intelligent control of energy flows

The Fronius Smart Meter is the basis for intelligent energy flow management. Thanks to the data provided by the Fronius Smart Meter and displayed in the Fronius Solar.web online portal, the loads in the home or workplace can be switched on in a targeted manner when PV energy is available. The digital outputs allow up to four consumers to be prioritised with PV energy. For example, these could be a heat pump, a pool pump, a wallbox for charging an electric car or an air conditioning system. 

If you want to have even more control over your consumers, you can go one step further by using Fronius Energy Profiling. This is very easy to use: large consumers are equipped with their own Fronius Smart Meter so that you can see which ones are being used at what time of day and the amount of energy required. With this information at your fingertips, you can make informed choices and  ensure the efficient usage of your energy.

3. Expanding the PV system in line with your needs

The data provided by the Fronius Smart Meter gives you valuable knowledge about your energy requirements. This can be used as a basis to optimise, enlarge or upgrade the PV system, for example by adding a Fronius Ohmpilot or a battery. The information will help you decide whether upgrades are suitable for you. For example, if the main hours of consumption are between 6 pm and 9 pm, the obvious choice is to invest in a battery in order to save energy in the long term. 

The Fronius Energy Package and Fronius Ohmpilot enable you to make even better use of the self-generated energy in the home. The Fronius Ohmpilot uses excess energy to generate heat, for example for hot water, whilst the Fronius Energy Package stores excess energy generated during the day for use at night. The Fronius Smart Meter is an essential component of this system. It records all the data in the system and ensures energy management is perfectly matchedto the different energy flows. 

4. Integrating the data from external generators 

With Fronius Energy Profiling, you can use several Fronius Smart Meters within one system, and display and evaluate their data via Fronius Solar.web. This gives you the option of incorporating external generators, such as a wind generator or an existing PV system, so that you have everything at a glance and do not have to switch between different tools. This enables holistic measures to be taken towards the optimum use of energy.   


5. Limiting energy export to the grid

Grid operators in many countries stipulate a PV power feed-in limit as a precondition before a system is connected to the grid. Often, zero feed-in is also a requirement. The system data provided by the Fronius Smart Meter is a prerequisite of this. The inverter regulates its output power depending on the system data and allows for dynamic feed-in management with user-defined feed-in limits.

6. Finding the cause of an error quickly and easily 

Effective system monitoring gives system owners the peace of mind that everything is running as it should. However, if something is not functioning as normal, it is easy to determine and rectify the cause with the data from the Fronius Smart Meter. Combined with Fronius Solar.web, you also benefit from handy e-mail notifications and report functions.

The benefits are impressive, regardless of whether you are a system owner or an installer. All in all, with the Fronius Smart Meter, you have 100% control over electricity consumption and lay the foundation for ongoing optimisation of your energy usage.

"Monitoring of any system is important, especially for a remote location such as the Gundagai site as it allows us to best service our customer and maintain optimum system operation and uptime. The Fronius Smart Meter means we can track accurate savings and energy data, which will give us valuable insights later in the year when it is planned to triple the size of this system."  Ross Warby, Enervest Managing Director, Fronius Service Partner in Australia

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