Now even faster commissioning thanks to WPS function


Nowadays, professional system monitoring is an indispensable fact of life. With Fronius Solar.web, you already have much more than just a monitoring platform – and for free. For you as an end customer, Solar.web is the control centre for your energy flows, because the data helps you to better understand and optimise your own energy usage. For you as an installer, Solar.web is both the foundation and the tool for data-based and thus individual customer consultancy services. Of course, all of this is presented as simply, clearly and comprehensibly as possible.

It is precisely for this reason that we want the commissioning process to be as simple and straightforward as the platform itself. With the WPS function, commissioning is now even more convenient because you no longer need a WLAN password. In our new video, we will guide you step by step through the commissioning process until you register in Fronius Solar.web.
New video guids you step by step through the commissioning process

Just a few steps to system monitoring

After you have successfully connected your laptop, tablet or smartphone to the inverter in the first step, you will be guided to the Setup wizard. The next step is to set up the network by connecting the inverter to the customer’s internet. This can be easily carried out with the network name and WLAN password, or, if you choose the WPS feature, you don’t even need a password.

WPS function speeds up the commissioning process

Faster commissioning thanks to WPS function
Thanks to the WPS function, commissioning is now even easier. While setting up the network, it is possible to click “Connect via WPS” to establish a WPS connection.
Faster commissioning thanks to WPS function
The “WPS connection buildup” window is then displayed. If you then press the WPS button on the router, a connection is automatically established. This means that it is not necessary to enter the WLAN password!

In the final step, you connect your tablet to the customer’s network. In just a few minutes, the countless possibilities of Solar.web are at your fingertips: from the analysis of current data and archive data to the comparison of several PV systems and a comprehensive analysis of your own rate of self-consumption.

Let our video guide you step by step through the commissioning process and see for yourself.

What does WPS actually mean?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a standard developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to facilitate the addition of devices to an existing network.

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