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Installation data  
Size of installation  
22.88 kWp 
Purpose, system type  
Module type and area 
88 Yingli 260 W 
1 Fronius Eco 25.0-3-S 
August 2016 
Annual yield  
Approx. 34 MWh 
CO2 saved/ year 
Approx. 3.27 t/year 
Special feature  
Fronius Smart Meter 50 kA-3 installed with a TV in Oliver‘s restaurant for streaming Fronius Solar.TV 

More information

Oliver‘s Real Food is an Australian-based, certified organic fast food chain. In keeping with their commitment to sustainability, supporting local suppliers and ethical practi­ces in everyday business operations the company recently installed its first PV system at the iconic Dog on the Tuckerbox site in Gundagai NSW, a site they share with a $250,000 Tesla Supercharge Station providing power for electric vehicles travelling between Sydney and Melbourne.
Fronius Service Partner Enervest installed a Fronius Eco and a Fronius Smart Meter,
along with 88 x Yingli 260W PV panels for Oliver‘s. Ross Warby, Enervest Managing
Director, is a strong advocate of the proactive solutions by Fronius, which help ensure
maximum system uptime and enable ongoing customer care: “Monitoring of any system is important, especially for a remote location such as the Gundagai site as it allows us to best service our customer and maintain optimum system operation and uptime. The Fronius Smart Meter means we can track accurate savings and energy data, which will give us valuable insights later in the year when it is planned to triple the size of this system.”