Roof-mounted system with Fronius Energy Package, Fronius Symo and Fronius IG Plus


Installation data  
Size of installation  
17.57 kWp 
Purpose, system type  
Roof-mounted, maximisation of self-consumption 
Module type and area 
Approx. 140 m² crystalline solar modules 
1 Fronius IG Plus 50 V-1, 1 Fronius Symo 8.2-3-M, 1 Fronius Symo Hybrid 5.0-3-S 
Storage unit  
1 Fronius Solar Battery 12.0 
Annual yield  
18,000 kWh 
CO2 saved/ year 
Approx. 9.54 tonnes 
Special feature  
Loxone home automation
Approx. 60% degree of self-suffi ciency 

More information

“We try to use the largest possible amount of the solar energy we produce ourselves,”
reports system owner Markus Brandstötter about his PV system. “Using
three inverters - a Fronius Symo, a Fronius Symo Hybrid and a Fronius IG Plus - we
produce approximately 18,000 kWh of solar power. We also have a Fronius Solar
Battery in the overall system, which allows us to store the energy we produce.”
The 17.57 kWp system is a real showpiece of efficient self-consumption. A
Loxone Miniserver is responsible for the energy management by intelligently
controlling the numerous consumers around the house.
There are six residential units in the refurbished farmhouse and the lighting
for all of them is mainly powered by solar energy. Other consumers include an
electric car, the swimming pool pump, a fountain system, the washing machine,
the wood chip heating and wood chip ventilation systems. Even the hot water is
produced by a boiler with a cartridge heater using PV power. The result is an
excellent degree of self-sufficiency of up to 60%.
“The Loxone home automation system was easy to combine with the Fronius
inverter - that‘s what I call Plug & Play!” says Brandstötter.

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