Second repowering project brings roof-mounted system up to the latest technological standards


Installation data  
Size of installation  
5.98 kWp 
Purpose, system type  
Roof-mounted system 
3x Fronius Galvo 2.0-1 
Initial start-up: September 2010
Repowering of two inverters: January 2014
Repowering of the third inverter: December 2014 
Annual yield  
8,200 kWh 
Special feature  
50% degree of self-sufficiency 

More information

For the owners of a domestic property in southern Italy, the importance of
product quality when considering any technical component was a message
they had to hear twice. The 6 kWp roof-mounted system in Cisternino was
commissioned in September 2010 with inverters from an eastern European
manufacturer. Yet after just three and a half years, two of the three units had
already started to malfunction. With the manufacturer refusing to cover the
repair costs, the system owners opted to have the inverters replaced - by which
point most of the system had been out of action for four months.
Less than one year later the third inverter also needed to be replaced. The
system installer, Pietro Marangi from Solenergy, picks up the story: “The exceptional
quality of the Fronius inverters is what compelled us to use these
products as repowering devices. In place of the 2 kW inverters originally installed,
we have opted for three Fronius Galvo 2.0-1 units. We have been working
with Fronius solutions for some years now and the installation process has always
been a dream, not to mention the quality that has pleased us and our clients.”
Roughly half of the PV energy generated is used directly in the home.