Ravar 1

Private investor agrees a power purchase agreement for 20 years  


System Data
System size
5.5 kWp
Type of system
Private net metering system
1 Fronius Primo 5.0-1/AUS
February 2017
Annual yield
Approx. 10,000 kWh
Special feature
No self-consumption – 100% of the energy generated is fed into the grid 

More information

The PV system that Mohammad Mozafari had installed on his private estate became fully operational in February 2017. Yet instead of self-consumption, the investor opted for a power purchase agreement with the Iranian Ministry of Energy, which has been concluded for 20 years. With a feed-in tariff of 8,000 IRR (Iranian rial), the system will have paid for itself in around four years.
The 5.5 kWp system was installed by the experts from Kerman Namad Niroo. After inverters from a variety of manufacturers were thoroughly evaluated, it was ultimately decided to opt for Fronius: “Compared to what we experienced with the other brands, the installation was very easy. It only took one to two minutes to synchronise it with the grid. Setting up the system monitoring via the integrated WLAN was also far easier than we were used to with other manufacturers.”