Commercial system at Colorado brewery commissioned and installed by Active Energies


Installation data  
Size of installation  
25.02 kWp 
Purpose, system type  
Module type and area 
Roof mounted system on top of a brewing facility 
2 Fronius Symo 12.0 kW 
August 2015 
Annual yield  
Approx. 33,500 MWh 

More information

Solar and great brews equal good business. This is what the two owners of
Bonfire Brewing believed when they first set out to go solar. Active Energies
was there to help fulfill their dream: to not only save money on electrical expenses
but also to help the environment. Active Energies provided them with
a high quality, high delivering system at minimal upfront cost. The Fronius
Symo helped complete the 25.02 kWp system, which is roof mounted on their
brewing facility.
„Fronius is the best out there because of its tolerance to string size,“ said Jason
Weingast, Vice President of Active Energies. „Also, we find the remote online
monitoring to be of great benefit. Since this system is 40 miles away from our
office, this feature allows us to keep an eye on the system without commuting.“