Residential system of Danilo and Echy Lopez created by SunKing, Inc.


Installation data  
Size of installation  
10.04 kW 
Purpose, system type  
Module type and area 
Left Fronius Primo 3.8 has 14 modules,1 String of 4 SolarWorld 280 Mono facing East
on MPPT 1, and 1 String of 10 SolarWorld 280 Mono facing West on MPPT 2
Right Fronius Primo 6.0 has 24 modules, 1 String of 12 SolarWorld 255 Mono facing
South on MPPT 1 and 1 String of 12 SolarWorld 255 Mono facing South on MPPT 2 
Fronius Primo 
August 2015 
Annual yield  
Approx. $1927.32 USD 
CO2 saved/ year 
Approx. 2792.25 kg CO2 Savings 

More information

Solar saves. That is what the Lopez family has found out with their 10kW
photovoltaic system investment in solar this past year. They certainly had
concern with the unique shape of their roof, but fortunately the design flexibility
of the Fronius Primo allowed for them to have the system they truely
wanted. SunKing, Inc. in Kahului, Honolulu, and Lihue, HI is experienced in
installing photovoltaic systems and other green energy options and constructed
the project for the Lopez family.
„We‘re so pleased with the ease of installation and quality Fronius brings to
the table for our projects so the Fronius Primo was a straightforward choice
for this residential system.“ said Chris Spencer of SunKing. „We at SunKing
are highly committed to providing only the best in photovoltaic equipment to
our community in Hawaii and are proud to say Fronius fits that bill.“
SunKing also offers other green services to customers like solar hot water
systems and opened in 1976, so shares a longstanding tradition with Fronius
in high quality renewable energy solutions.