SunWind Power Systems, Inc. install residential SnapINverter system in heart of Kentucky


Installation data  
Size of installation  
2.5 kW 
Purpose, system type  
Residence, roof mounted 
Fronius Primo 
August 2015 
Annual yield  
Approx. 2,884 MWh 

More information

Building towards a sustainable future of 24 Hours of Sun. That‘s what Sun-
Wind Power Systems is doing in the midwest, and here‘s a great example. This
customer first came to them in 2008 for a comprehensive energy analysis and
since then he has moved towards their recommendations for a greener and
more efficient home. The final result is a 100% offset system.
Mr. Maxwell, the homeowner and long-time Kentucky resident, has seen the
coal dependency in the state as a detriment to the environment and overall
economy. Because of this, he wanted to offset their entire carbon footprint by
installing a net metered PV array.
„We have been using 100% Fronius inverters for all of our projects due to the
fantastic support we receive,“ said Jeremy Coxon, installer with SunWind Power.
„We also really value the flexible design innovative features that allow us to
pretty much turn to Fronius for all of our inversion needs. This simplifies training
and installation for us, which really is done in a snap.“
SunWind Power Systems Inc. also commented their customers really enjoy
the free monitoring and reliability Fronius offers.