Fronius Symo accessories

Perfectly tailored to the Fronius Symo inverter series

Fronius Symo inverters can be conveniently fitted and ordered with various options such as overvoltage protection, a DC connector kit or an MC4 solar connector.
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Surge Protective Device TYPE 1+2 M

The surge protection device type 1+2 for direct and indirect lightning strikes is suitable for use with the Fronius Symo 3.0 - 8.2*, Fronius Primo 3.0 - 8.2* and Fronius Symo Hybrid* inverters and therefore fulfils the standard requirement of installing a DC fuse near the inverter ***.

Product details


Nominal voltage1000 VDC
Highest continuous voltage1200 VDC
Connection cross sectionPV 6mm², Signal 0.5mm²

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