Fronius Power Package

The system solution from a single source.

The Fronius Power Package allows the benefits of Fronius string inverters to be fully leveraged for small and large-scale projects. From planning through to maintenance of the PV system, maximum flexibility in the design of the PV system, the pre-installed inverter cabling and the supplied Fronius AC Combiner significantly reduce the planning work. Failure rates during initial installation and the installation time itself are therefore minimised. The Fronius Power Package also helps to reduce the need for maintenance, which in turn helps reduce project costs.


The Fronius Power Package is made up of three components: the Fronius inverters (3 to 6 Fronius Symo inverters, 2 to 4 Fronius Eco inverters or 3 Fronius Symo inverters & 1 Fronius Eco inverter per Fronius Power Package), the Fronius AC Combiner and pre-fabricated cables. The inverters and the Fronius AC Combiner are supplied with pre-installed cabling. This means that during installation, the pre-fabricated individual parts simply have to be connected, minimising the installation time and installation errors. The proven SnapINverter mounting system is naturally also used with the Fronius Power Package, making installation as simple as possible.



Fronius Power Package
  • Installing the inverters (3 to 6 Fronius Symo inverters, 2 to 4 Fronius Eco inverters or 3 Fronius Eco inverters & 1 Fronius Symo inverter) and Fronius AC Combiner
  • Cabling and mounting of the power stage sets
  • Establishment of DC connection and possible connection of sensors



In addition to its own monitoring portal, Fronius Solar.web, the Fronius Power Package boasts various open interfaces, such as Modbus (TCP or RTU), to enable easy connection to external dataloggers, park regulators or energy management systems. The open Modbus (TCP or RTU) and JSON interfaces can be used in parallel to Fronius Solar.web. Thanks to parallel operation, it is possible for Fronius to access the system remotely, thus providing the best possible technical support. Equally, parallel operation also allows Fronius Solar.web to be used alongside a local controller with third-party components. Thanks to the Fronius Push Service, the system data can be sent not only to the Fronius Solar.web server, but to any server. In addition to its dataloggers, Fronius also provides sensor solutions for the connection of insolation and temperature sensors, etc.


The Product Configurator allows you to create an individual design for your PV system, giving you a wide range of options:

  • Flexible choice of AC inputs
  • Flexible choice of power categories (Fronius Symo: 15.0 kW, 17.5 kW, 20.0 kW; Fronius Eco: 25.0 kW, 27.0 kW)
  • Flexible choice of the position of the Fronius AC Combiner (right/left)
  • Optional service socket (available for the Fronius Symo variant)
  • Optional overvoltage arrester in the Fronius AC Combiner
  • Optional choice of pre-fabricated cabling (AC/data)
  • Choice of different DC connection technologies (MC4/screw terminals)
  • Optional overvoltage arrester in the inverter
  • Optional FI switch in the Fronius AC Combiner

The Fronius Symo & Fronius Eco combi version promises even more flexibility. The combination of the flexible Fronius Symo and the cost-effective Fronius Eco enables customers to reap the full advantages of both inverters. This makes the Fronius Power Package the ideal solution for the widest possible variety of applications.



The complete package, comprising the inverters, Fronius AC Combiner and pre-fabricated cables, is covered as standard by the five-year Fronius Warranty Plus. The benefits for the system owner: claims are handled directly by Fronius and the warranty automatically covers original spare parts.


In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, it is possible to extend the warranty period to 10 years from the date of commissioning. The system operator can choose between the following options: Warranty Extension and Warranty Extension Plus.