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Commercial photovoltaic system with Fronius Symo Hybrid and BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM

10/20/2020 / Austria, Gmunden
Energy profiling with two Fronius Smart Meters

The technology centre in Gmunden, Austria, operates a 22 kWp PV system.


One Fronius Symo Hybrid and two Fronius IG Plus inverters produce around 24 MWh of solar energy annually, 85 % of which is used directly in the company.


The local installer selected a BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM with a total capacity of 22.08 kWh for storage. With 8 solar modules of 2.76 kWh each, the maximum capacity was utilised. Thanks to this battery, the company’s self-consumption share will increase noticeably.


Two electric charging stations are connected to the building, with four further charging stations set to be installed in the future.

Analysis of the e-charging stations to the precise watt with Fronius Solar.web

A secondary Fronius Smart Meter is integrated into the two electric charging stations at the technology centre.


Horst Gaigg – managing director of the technology centre – can therefore visualise the PV power used to charge the electric vehicles in Fronius Solar.web and analyse it down to the exact watt (= energy profiling). Thanks to the second Smart Meter, Mr Gaigg knows exactly how much of the PV energy is going into the e-charging stations. Gaigg then bills the tenants for the solar energy used for charging.

Fronius Solar.web

» Our tenants charge their electric cars with the PV energy from the roof. «



PV power through the night thanks to energy storage

Twenty-eight companies are currently registered as tenants of the technology centre. The PV power is used for applications including lighting, computer infrastructure and cooling the building. The stored energy serves to supply various base loads with PV power, even at night.



Maximum flexibility with Multi Flow Technology

Multi Flow Technology, installed as standard in all Fronius Symo Hybrid inverters, leads to maximum efficiency. This feature allows the technology centre loads to be supplied with PV power and the battery to be charged at the same time, resulting in optimum utilisation of the system and an increase in self-consumption.

Three-phase backup power in the event of a power failure 

With the Fronius Symo Hybrid, three-phase loads (400 V) can also be supplied with PV energy in the event of a power failure. The prerequisite for this is the installation of a switch box.


“We have not yet enabled the backup power feature, but that will follow shortly,” explains Horst Gaigg.


Once the switch box has been installed, the Fronius Symo Hybrid in the technology centre will automatically detect if no power is available from the public grid and switch to backup power mode. The power then comes either directly from the photovoltaic system or from the battery. As soon as the grid supply is available again, the Fronius Symo Hybrid switches back to grid operation. With the Full Backup option, the Multi Flow Technology is also active during a power failure.

System size: 22 kWp 
System type: Roof-mounted and façade-integrated PV 
Fronius components and solutions:
1 Fronius Symo Hybrid, 2 Fronius IG Plus, 2 Fronius Smart Meter, Fronius Solar.web
Storage system:  BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM 22.1
E-charging station: Keba     
Self-consumption rate: 
85 %
Annual yield:  24 MWh
Energy Profiling:  Detailed visualisation of the e-charging stations in Fronius Solar.web thanks to secondary Fronius Smart Meter

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