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inverter Symo Hybrid

Fronius Symo Hybrid The flexible hybrid inverter

Hybrid inverter for individual storage solutions

As it is so flexible, the Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter is suitable for a very wide range of applications. Such as retrofitting a storage system for existing PV systems or coupling with other energy sources. Thanks to integrated Multi Flow Technology, the Fronius Symo Hybrid enables optimum use of solar energy and maximum self-consumption for the PV system.
multiflow technology with Symo Hybrid

Maximum flexibility thanks to Multi Flow Technology

Thanks to integrated Multi Flow Technology, a wide range of applications are possible with one inverter. The inverter also enables DC or AC coupling of battery storage. Thus, already existing PV systems or other energy sources, such as wind power plants*, can be easily integrated and then form a common, efficient energy system. The Multi Flow Technology provides intelligent management of the various energy flows. This enables optimal use of produced as well as stored energy, as it facilitates parallel and simultaneous energy flows.


  • Maximum rate of self-consumption
  • High degree of self-sufficiency
  • Broad field of application

* Fronius hybrid inverters are not a replacement for wind power plant inverters. Nonetheless, the battery can be charged using energy from the wind power plant.

woman and SnapINverter

Simple installation and servicing

The SnapINverter technology means the inverters are safe and easy to install, intuitive to use and can be serviced quickly and easily. In addition, the Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter offers numerous open interfaces for easy connection of third-party components. For example, you can also integrate home automation products into the energy system.

  • Quick and secure installation & servicing
  • Serviceable on site
  • Easy connection of third-party components
lighted house


In the event of a grid failure, the Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter provides reliable, three-phase backup power operation. Thanks to the integrated Full Backup feature, the storage system supplies the entire household with electricity during a power failure.*

  • Supplies the entire household (also three-phase loads)
  • Automatic switch to backup power in the event of a power failure
  • Efficient energy flows thanks to Multi Flow Technology also in the event of a power outage

*Only possible with BYD battery.

Our new GEN24 hybrid inverter generation is even more flexible in the case of emergency power.

More about the GEN24

Features at a glance

icon backup power
Full Backup
  • feature slider check
    Backup power for the entire household incl. 3-phase loads
  • feature slider check
    Automatic switch to backup mode in the event of a power failure
  • feature slider check
    Maximum independence and flexibility in the event of a power outage
More about backup power
icon dynamic peak manager
Dynamic Peak Manager
  • feature slider check
    MPP tracking algorithm with a tolerance for shading
  • feature slider check
    Maximum yields even in the case of partial shading
  • feature slider check
    In many cases, power optimizers are not needed
icon integrated data communication
Integrated data communication
  • feature slider check
    Easy connection of the inverter to the Internet via LAN/WLAN
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    Data logging, WLAN, Ethernet, energy management, web server and numerous interfaces fully integrated
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    Connection to third-party components by means of interfaces such as Modbus TCP SunSpec, Modbus RTU SunSpec or Fronius Solar API (JSON)
icon multiflow
Multi Flow Technology
  • feature slider check
    Allows simultaneous energy flows in all directions, as well as AC, DC and AC & DC coupling of the storage system
  • feature slider check
    High self-consumption rates and flexibility in the system
To the Muli Flow Technology
icon smart grid ready
Smart Grid Ready
  • feature slider check
    Ready for all (future) network technology requirements
  • feature slider check
    Important for dynamic feed-in control
  • feature slider check
    No unwanted feed-in interruptions
icon snapin technology
Snapinverter Technology
  • feature slider check
    Innovative mounting system
  • feature slider check
    Easy installation and maintenance
  • feature slider check
    Components can be exchanged instead of replacing the device during servicing
icon zero feed in
Zero feed-in
  • feature slider check
    Feed-in management from 0 - 100%
  • feature slider check
    Compliance with all requirements of network operators
  • feature slider check
    Simple adjustment via the inverter interface
Man called Eddy

Flexibility with the Symo Hybrid

“The high flexibility of the Fronius Symo Hybrid allowed us to expand the PV system with an energy-storage unit a few years after the initial installation,”

reports the May family who live in Australia. 

In 2015, the family installed a PV system with a Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter and expanded it with a BYD battery.

Read the reference

Webinar: Backup power function with Fronius Symo Hybrid

Thanks to the backup power function of the Fronius Symo Hybrid, households can supply themselves with enough energy to complete their daily routines even in the event of a power failure. In this webinar you will learn how to activate the backup power function on the Fronius Symo Hybrid. We talk about the necessary components as well as the function of the overall system. We also provide helpful tips on installation and commissioning.

Watch the video
Technical data Symo Hybrid
 Power category  3 / 4 / 5 kW
 Phases  3-phase
 DC input voltage range 150 - 1,000 V
 Max. DC input power  5 / 6.5 / 8 kW
 Max. charge / discharge current  16 A
 Dimensions (height x width x depth)  645 x 431 x 204 mm
 Weight  19.9 kg

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