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BYD Battery-Box HV

The flexible storage solution with emergency power for three-phase households.

Compatibility with the Battery Box H 6.4, H 7.7, H 9.0, H 10.2 and H 11.5 means that the Fronius Symo Hybrid is the most flexible solution for every storage system.
Fronius is the only solutions provider that, in conjunction with BYD, can also supply power to three-phase consumers in emergency power situations. Since the batteries can be expanded on a modular basis, the storage capacity can be adapted to the individual requirements of the customer at any time.
The Battery Box storage systems are based on the safest form of battery technology: lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). This also enables short charging times over a particularly long service life, thus guaranteeing a very high level of self-consumption.
The batteries are especially suited to being used with the charging infrastructure for an electric car or as part of a heat storage system with the Fronius Ohmpilot. The Fronius storage solution with BYD therefore allows for maximum independence in the home.
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BYD Battery-Box HV Symo Hybrid 
H 6.4  ✔
H 7.7  ✔
H 9.0  ✔
H 10.2  ✔
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