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Production management from your home office: All welding data at a glance


Keeping track of welding production remotely is convenient, efficient, and sustainable. Digital tools such as the Fronius WeldCube Premium software are the key to achieving this.
Johannes Zauner-Penninger

Coronavirus is currently posing particular challenges to both society and businesses. Many companies are having to keep the number of workers physically present on their premises as low as possible, while striving to keep their businesses going as best they can. But can production managers, welding specialists, or maintenance managers also complete their tasks while working from home? Experience shows that it is possible if the required technical framework is in place. In automated series production for example, special software can be used to call up and analyze production data from welding systems. By accessing the company network, production can be controlled reliably and, if necessary, targeted measures taken even from an employee’s home.

Software solution for a mobile and flexible way of working

One company benefiting from the WeldCube Premium welding data management software is a European forestry machinery manufacturer. The company uses TPS/i welding systems from Fronius in its production processes. “With WeldCube Premium, welding data from networked Fronius devices are stored in a central database,” explains Johannes Zauner-Penninger, system engineer for software products at Fronius Perfect Welding. “The software provides intelligent management and statistical functions and enables component-specific documentation and analysis of the welding process. For example, in a live display, it shows whether a weld seam has already been welded or whether limit values have been violated,” adds Zauner-Penninger as he explains the functions of the software. Using a VPN connection, the customer can launch WeldCube Premium via an Internet browser from anywhere and at any time, giving them an overview of all welding processes in the networked production area.

For the current day-to-day life of manufacturers, this means that production managers, line managers, welding coordinators, and maintenance managers can work at least partly from home or without personal contact from an isolated office. Yet they can still provide the best-possible support to colleagues on site in the production area. If production personnel identify quality problems with a weld seam, they can forward the information to the responsible welding engineer. Not only does this engineer have an outline of the problem, they can also analyze the error immediately based on the data from the WeldCube Premium documentation. “What’s more, the welding system can be accessed directly via the Internet browser and, if necessary, parameters of the welding task can be remotely corrected,” says the Fronius system engineer.

WeldCube Premium: Central, component-based documentation

In addition, it is possible to track the degree of utilization of the machines and their status, the component progress, or any problems that occur. Central storage of the data enables them to be documented in relation to each component and PDF reports or graphs can be generated per component. Software solutions like WeldCube Premium therefore create a mobile and flexible way of working – whether from a home office, company premises, or while on business trips.

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