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Virtual Welducation App

Fronius has developed the Virtual Welducation Basic App to support virtual training. It provides useful facts on all aspects of welding on a smartphone or tablet and turns product information interactive. The program combines a fun approach to the material using a gaming and quiz application with an augmented reality application (MagicFolder) for virtual welding.


MagicFolder is child's play to use and works in combination with the new Virtual Welding brochure: a coded mark in the form of a graphic is printed on every page. If the reader wants to access any additional information they simply have to capture these coded marks using the camera on their smartphone or tablet for the app to then provide them with videos on Virtual Welding, 3D simulations of welding processes and explanations of the most important merits of virtual welder training. 


With the help of the quiz application, the user can gain a solid basic understanding of welding in a fun way. There are several questions about different topics, which have to be answered in a given time. A points system serves to increase the user’s motivation. 


The game function lets you enter the world of welding practically.  Only with the help of your finger or a pen suitable for your tablet you can solve different welding tasks and produce virtual welding seams.