Gas-cooled TransSteel and TPS/i welding torches

The welding torches in the MTG product family are gas-cooled MIG/MAG manual welding torches with an output of up to 530 A. The ergonomically shaped grip, a ball joint and optimum weight distribution allow for effortless operation. Their robust design makes the welding torches reliable partners for all applications.
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Product details

Wire diameter range0,8-1,2mm
Welding duration current (ArCO2)170A
Welding duration current (CO2)170A
Welding current / Duty cycle [ArCO2]250A / 40%
Welding current / Duty cycle [CO2]250A / 40%
Dimension / b41,0 mm
Dimension / l3500,0 mm
Weight2,6 kg

Fronius JobMaster: keeping important welding parameters constantly in check

With JobMaster welding torches, the user can keep a convenient eye on the important welding parameters such as welding power, wire speed, previously saved jobs and arc length via a remote control integrated into the handle with a three-digit colour display. Furthermore, the user is also able to adjust these values directly on the remote control This means they always have the welding process under control and do not need to go to the power source to change the parameters.

Up/Down: control the welding power directly on the welding torch

The Up/Down function allows the continuously adjustable control of the welding power directly on the welding torch. The user does not need to go to the power source to change the welding power.

LED lighting

Greater convenience and better control are provided by the LED light on the grip. This also makes the welding torches perfect for use in dark welding environments.


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