TransPuls Synergic

One device, multiple versions

The TPS is completely digitised and therefore enables extremely precise welding results It is easy to use, thanks to Synergic operation. The power source is a multiprocess device and suitable for MIG/MAG, TIG and electrode welding. In addition, appropriate accessories are available for all applications from welding torches and cooling units to remote controls. Everything is exactly tailored to the capability of the power source and has been optimised as a complete system.
In order to provide the ideal power source for all materials, different versions have been developed. Equipped with special characteristics, there is for example the TPS Steel, which ensures optimum weld properties and welding results that can be reproduced time and time again in the area of steel welding. There are also special versions for CrNi and aluminium.
The TPS CMT Edition is a series of devices tailored particularly to the CMT process CMT stands for Cold Metal Transfer and is the most stable welding process in the world. The wire movement is incorporated into the process control, whereby heat is applied only very briefly. Material transfer takes place with barely any flow of current. The result is spatter-free MIG/MAG welding and brazing of ultra-light gauge sheets (0.3 mm or thicker), MIG brazing of galvanised sheets and the joining of steel and aluminium.

Digital Revolution

Thanks to completely digitally controlled power sources, outstanding quality is 100% reproducible. Digital systems from Fronius offer exceptional welding results, are extremely easy to use and come with a wide variety of peripheral devices