CMT Twin


CMT Twin is based on the same setup as the tried-and-tested TimeTwin welding process: two power sources, one welding torch and two separate “leading” and “trailing” contact tips. Enhanced by the exceptional weld properties of CMT, CMT Twin scores top marks for its high welding speed and easy-to-use process control.

The synchronised system and process technology is unique on the market and ensures an extremely stable arc, from the start of welding through to the filling of the end-crater. The advantages are clear: deep penetration, optimised weld seam formation and low-spatter welding. Perfectly tailored characteristics and the “leading and trailing” concept are what make the process control of CMT Twin so easy to use. Once the leading electrode has been set, the trailing electrode is automatically adjusted to match; there has never been a better self-regulation system for a welding process. Combining the CMT and Pulse processes in this way produces the best result for every application.


3 mm steel

/ No notching 

/ Reliable penetration

/ Virtually spatter-free

 Vs = 3.0 m/min  
 VdL = 15.5 m/min  VdT = 6m/min
 407 A  196 A
 28.5 V  15.0 V
10 mm steel, a = 6

/ No manipulation

/ Ideal weld-seam position (at 45°)

/ Optimised weld seam formation

 Vs = 66 cm/min  
 VdL = 15.0 m/min  VdT = 8.0 m/min
 391 A  214 A
 28.3 V  17.0 V



Primed steel, 3 mm, a = 3

/ No additional sanding of the primer coating necessary

/ No weld-seam porosity 

/ Virtually spatter-free

 Vs = 200 cm/min  
 VdL = 14.5 m/min VdT = 7.5 m/min
 374 A 209 A 
 27.0 V 18.7 V


8 mm steel

/ Homogeneous weld toe

/ Reliable sidewall fusion

/ No weld-pool backing needed

Vs = 120 cm/min  
VdL = 7.1 m/min  VdT = 7.5 m/min
374 A  268 A
16.2 V  17.3 V