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Extended warranty

In three steps to your warranty extension *


Buy a welding machine of your choice.


Register within one year.

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3 year warranty

Get a full 3-year warranty on your Fronius device free of charge.

* Valid for: TransPocket, TransTig, AccuPocket, TransSteel, MagicWave, TPS 270i


Full protection and cost security is guaranteed with our flexible and customized Fronius warranty solution. It is possible to choose from several warranty periods, providing you with the model that delivers the best cover for your needs. Our warranty models reach up to a period of 5 years, and unplannable costs are no longer an issue.

Full warranty

The warranty extension covers power sources, intermediate hosepacks, cooling units, wirefeeders, and moving parts including water pumps or cooling fans.
Icon full Fronius warranty

All device classes

It is possible to extend the warranty for smaller hand-held welding devices and for robotic welding systems.
Icon Fronius device

Single-shift or multi-shift operation

The same conditions for devices which are used for multi-shift operation as for single-shift devices.
Icon single shift and multiple shift operation

Flexible warranty models

The option of different time models – full warranty between two and five years for materials and labor.
3 or 5 years Fronius warranty

The advantages at a glance

Welder proudly presents his welding machine

Full cost control

Costs are firmly under control – a one-off investment and defined services. The amount for the chosen warranty model is paid up-front, at the beginning of the contract period. This gives the customer full control of the costs, and a one-time only administrative expense. During the warranty period, Fronius will cover the costs of materials, labour and outward and return travel totalling a maximum of 200 km or 3 hours travelling time!


Flexible warranty

The customer decides on the warranty period by choosing the best warranty period for their needs from the available packages.


Different models in single and multi-shift operation

From a networked welding system in 24-hour operation to a simple power source working a single shift – we offer various different warranty-extension models for both single- and multi-shift operation. This means it is possible to take out a separate warranty extension to suit every single Fronius welding system.