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Life Cycle Assessment GEN24 Plus, 13. March 2023

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In this webinar, we will present our comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment of the GEN24 Plus product family. The entire product life cycle was closely examined:

/ Sourcing of raw materials

/ Production and transport

/ Use phase

/ Recycling & End-of-Life phase

Our research and development department spent over a year modelling a wide range of Life Cycle Assessment scenarios, verified by Fraunhofer IZM in Germany. Now we want to share the impressive LCA-results with you. Since Fronius uses the results of the life cycle assessment for the continuous optimization of product development, the topicality of this data is of particular relevance. For this reason, Fronius carries out updates of the life cycle assessment as required.

Since a high degree of transparency is required, especially when it comes to sustainability, ongoing communication of these updates is also essential for Fronius.

Register now and learn more about the product circularity and high level of sustainability of our GEN24 Plus inverters.


Päivämäärä 13.3.2023
Osoite Online
Kesto 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CET
Kieli English
Max. Osallistujat 1000
Kustannukset Free of charge
Päivämäärä varattu täyteen


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