System monitoring takes the guess-work out of choosing the right solar battery


Installation data  
Size of installation  
5.4 kWp 
Purpose, system type  
Aufdachanlage, Eigenverbrauch 
Module type and area 
X20 Renesola 
Fronius Symo Hybrid 5.0-3 
PV system: January 2016; Battery: May 2016 
Annual yield  
Approx. 8,672 kWh 
CO2 saved/ year 
Approx. 6,590 kg 

További információk

In early 2016 solar energy specialists, Solargain installed a Fronius Symo
Hybrid and Fronius Smart Meter in this Perth home in Western Australia,
with a view to adding storage to the system at a later date. The Fronius Smart
Meter enables the end user to monitor their energy consumption via Solar.
web and optimise their energy self-consumption while gathering valuable insights
into the amount of energy taken from the grid. This data tells the end
user how much energy their household requires so when the time comes to
add storage they know exactly what size of battery they need.
After some time spent researching into his options homeowner Peter M. decided
to go with Fronius. Six months after the initial install he added a 12kWh
Fronius Solar Battery to the 5.4kW system:
“As a technical nerd I researched heavily into the inverter, installer and battery
solutions for my home. My major criteria were reliability, outstanding features
and benefits, and the ability to add storage. I found the Fronius Symo
Hybrid to be the hands-down best inverter with long warranty from a long-lived
company. From the data gathered in the first few months of the year I was able
to choose with confidence the right battery size for my needs and retrofit it
seamlessly into the system.”