Deyr del Ahmar

PV system combined with a diesel generator powers irrigation plant


Installation data  
Size of installation  
144 kWp 
Generator size   
280 kVA 
Purpose, system type  
PV-Genset system, irrigation system for a vegetable plantation 
6 Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M 
Fronius PV System Controller 
December 2014 
Annual yield  
216,000 kWh 
CO2 saved/ year 
Approx. 114.5 tonnes 
Special feature  
The Fronius PV system controller optimises the PV output while simultaneously protecting
the diesel generator
40% degree of self-sufficiency

További információk

It is clear to see that diesel generators and photovoltaics are a match made in
heaven with this 144 kWp system in Deir el Ahmar, northern Lebanon. Scheduled
power grid shutdowns of up to six hours every day and the unstable
nature of the grid in general require the deployment of a decentral power
source. The PV-Genset solution from Fronius is the ideal backup system to
ensure a continuous supply of electricity for the irrigation plant.
The Fronius PV system controller ensures that the maximum pv yield is generated
during any given situation. It monitors the diesel generator to ensure
that it is always operating at an optimum level to prolong service life - even
when only under a light load - and also ensures an extremely quick and responsive
control over the PV output. As a result, load fluctuations are compensated
for immediately and the strain on the diesel generator is reduced dramatically.
“We have enjoyed exceptional support from Fronius Technical Support while
the system was being installed. As a result the commissioning process could not
have been smoother,” reports Francois Farage from Green Essence Lebanon.