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Fronius storage solutions online training, 20 June 2022

Online training

20-6-2022 / Online
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Get to know the Fronius storage world! In our online training you learn everything about storage solutions with Fronius hybrid inverters, consisting of the SnapINverter and GEN24 Plus product series. Our experts demonstrate the connection of compatible battery storage systems of BYD and LG and explain the implementation of a backup solution.

Our online training courses consist of a live training session and an E-learning part. Learn everything you need to know about our solutions in the live session and get in touch with our experts. Then deepen what you have learned in the E-learning area in a flexible and independent way, with available recordings and a quiz, and receive your confirmation of participation.


Datum 20-6-2022
Adres Online
Duur 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM CEST
Taal English
Max. aantal deelnemers 1000
Kosten 0
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+43 (7242) 241 2980
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