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Working at Fronius we don't dream of the future. We create it.

Where your energy makes an impact

As an employer Fronius offers applicants an array of opportunities. We are a growing company on the lookout for people both at our headquarters in Austria and in our subsidiaries around the globe to fulfil a variety of roles: from R&D to production and from administration to sales.

Innovation is part of our corporate culture and the engine of our success. It is our goal to work together developing revolutionary technologies and exceptional products both now and in the future for our three business units, Perfect Welding, Solar Energy and Perfect Charging. To do so we require employees who share our enthusiasm and help us to achieve the best possible benefits for our customers.


We draw on the energy of our highly skilled employees to create a bright future for all. Creating the perfect weld seam, generating efficient solar energy and charging batteries are at the heart of everything we do. A large chunk of the investment we plough back into the company goes into R&D, where we currently employ more than 710 people.

A global company

Fronius has evolved from its small beginnings as a family company into an international organisation. Our sites in Austria alone now provide the ideal working environment for around 3600 employees, and our global workforce now comprises of more than 5600 professionals. We have 36 subsidiaries and sales representatives in more than 60 countries worldwide. Our global presence means that we have a wide-ranging, international working environment, one that offers opportunities to take up positions abroad.


Working on sustainable solutions is what unites us and drives us forward. We guarantee that the products we develop will still be able to be repaired well into the future. We’re making a major contribution to the green energy revolution and have every reason to be proud of our products, developments and services.


We’re expanding and have a steady stream of stimulating jobs to offer in areas such as Research & Development, Manufacturing and Administration. Our research and development teams work across international borders, while our manufacturing facilities boast state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most modern places to work. Successful marketing strategies and sophisticated logistics solutions round out the package. We value young talent and so, we are constantly looking to recruit highly motivated trainees, interns and apprentices.

Our Culture

We want to put the energy that our employees bring to Fronius to good use. That’s why we are constantly striving to maintain a positive corporate culture. It’s what makes us tick.

Thinking ahead

Our teams are always thinking outside the box, diligently transforming visions into trailblazing products and solutions. Knowledgeable professionals conduct research in our well-equipped labs, where they have access to the most up to date production systems. We work with household names all over the globe to deliver the products of tomorrow.


Our employees let their actions speak for themselves. Anyone who likes getting things done will enjoy working at Fronius. We build on the expertise of our technical teams and acknowledge that even though mistakes happen, they’re an excellent way of learning. New employees quickly feel at home at Fronius, as they’re welcomed with open arms into the Fronius family.


Our products never fail to impress customers all over the world, an outcome that’s achieved through close collaboration between all our departments, from R&D to production, sales and administration. We’re a family-owned company, so we’re constantly thinking in terms of the next generation. We want sustainability to be at the core of our business well into the future, so we use our resources wisely.

We provide our employees with a range of useful facilities and social benefits – from our own nursery and kindergarten to staff restaurants, company festivities and team events. It’s the quality of what we offer that’s important to us.

Fronius KinderLand – the nursery and kindergarten in Sattledt – looks after our employees’ children throughout the year, giving parents the extra flexibility they sometimes need. KinderLand features open play areas and child-friendly spaces where the children can run around to their hearts’ content. Special sessions help prepare them for their first day at school. Children aged 15 months and above are cared for in our nursery.

In addition, we run our staff restaurants ourselves, using fresh and local produce, preventing energy wastage in the kitchen and offering a well-balanced choice of meals. It’s vital to us that healthy food should not only taste good, but also uphold our commitment to sustainability.

We deliberately take our time when filling vacancies. Whether a new apprentice or someone joining the management team, whether in R&D or in sales, new team members must also be a good fit. Personal chemistry is just as important as technical expertise. It’s also vital to be curious, have the ability to think outside the box and want to put your energy to good use.

As a family business, we place a great deal of emphasis on our strong corporate culture. In addition to the usual round of interviews and an assessment of your potential, we also make use of trial periods. Both parties therefore get to know each other properly under real working conditions – a good way of quickly finding out whether we’ll hit it off.

Innovation and regular training are inseparable, as one is not possible without the other. Anyone who wants to shape the future has to be curious and want to know how processes work. Our staff can count on the support they need whenever they want to develop their own particular specialisations: it might be a visit to a conference, some specific training, a textbook or simply a webinar.

The Fronius training programme contains an interesting and wide-ranging selection of topics, from project management seminars to sessions on how to prevent back pain, welding courses and conflict management training.  The annual themes are a special feature and whenever a particularly trending topic is on the agenda, we invite leading practitioners to Fronius to discuss it with the staff. For example, we recently hosted events featuring the geneticist Markus Hengstschläger and futurologist Matthias Horx.

Being a manager demands total commitment, especially when operating on an international stage. Fronius therefore devotes plenty of time to its senior staff, giving them the space to develop their own ideas and sharing their excitement whenever they solve a challenging problem. The evidence speaks for itself: the most recent survey of our senior managers revealed that over 90% were satisfied or very satisfied with their job.

Other possible reasons for this remarkable feedback? Our open information policy makes everyday management more straightforward, while our management development programme focuses on developing the skills of our senior staff. Last but not least, as a family-run company we treat each other in a more respectful and approachable manner. 

We’re a family-owned company. The professionals who work with us enjoy a great deal of freedom. We’ve developed a mentorship programme so that new team members quickly feel at home at Fronius and are well-prepared for their career with us. On your very first day, a co-worker will show you around the premises, introduce you to some important colleagues from other departments, give you some pointers regarding the time recording system and tell you how to obtain office materials. Your mentor will also explain the principle behind what we refer to as ENERGY/points, the places where we gather for meetings, coffee breaks and informal discussions. Initial training courses round off the Fronius mentorship programme.

Look the part, express yourself well, and know what you’re talking about. Tips to applicants are frequently very general in nature and don’t really give a clear picture. We at Fronius do things differently: “Where your energy makes a difference” is not only a prominent slogan in our job descriptions, it’s also a very important principle in a much broader sense.

We always say to be yourself. Demonstrate to us that you can think outside the box and think about how you can show us the impact your energy will have by sharing skills, knowledge and experience that you’ve acquired in your private life or at work. 

Michael Reder, Teamleader Prozesstechnik Assembly (Sattledt)

"At Fronius I am part of an innovative and international organisation rich in tradition.Together with my team we take new products from the development stage and put them into production, which also includes planning the requisite assembly lines. We also manage production projects that involve new technologies and processes. I think it's a good thing that Fronius has a mentor programme for new recruits, and that there are many staff benefits, such as a company restaurant, crèche and beach volleyball court."

our working environments

Sandra Rohregger, mechatronic engineer apprenticeship

“It wasn't until I'd left school that I decided to take up an apprenticeship at Fronius. What I really like about the company is its professionalism and international focus, as this will open up a whole range of opportunities for me in the long term."

our Business units

Solar energy: where your energy goes into creating a green future

A lot of people talk about sustainability, but at Fronius it’s already a reality. Since 1992, our Business Unit Solar Energy has been delivering products and services that make the supply of renewable energy a fact of life. Our leading objective is 24 hours of sun: our vision of a future where 100% of the world’s energy needs are covered by renewable sources. A goal to which we dedicate ourselves day in, day out. We’re therefore concentrating on solutions that will intelligently, efficiently and economically generate, distribute, store and even consume solar energy. It’s a warm feeling to know that the technology we develop makes everyone’s lives a little bit better.

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