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Use solar energy efficiently with Fronius energy management

Fronius energy management helps photovoltaic system operators make the most efficient use possible of the solar energy they have generated. It switches individual consumers (loads) on or off automatically, according to the power currently available, to help you increase your self-consumption rate. You can make considerable savings even though electricity prices are on the rise and feed-in tariffs are falling, because you do not have to draw as much energy from the grid.

Typical consumers are heat pumps or swimming pool pumps, which can be controlled directly with Fronius inverters. Our inverters are also fitted with open interfaces, which take all the effort out of integrating your photovoltaic system into an existing home automation system. Fronius offers innovative solutions for efficient energy management that can be individually adapted and expanded to meet the expectations and requirements of the user.

Hans Pelzer - Training Team

“Energy management is becoming more and more important, due to sinking feed-in tariffs. Most measures require minimal effort and repay themselves in only a short while. A high proportion of self-consumption can be achieved with loads and consumers such as heat pumps, electric cars, e-boilers, pool pumps or air conditioning units. This drastically reduces electricity tariffs.”

Innovative solutions

Fronius Datamanager 2.0

While integrated data communication is standard in inverters from the SnapINverter generation, it is possible to retrofit all other devices with the Fronius Datamanager 2.0. This connects the inverter to the internet via LAN or WLAN, thus facilitating optimal system monitoring with Fronius Solar.web. Numerous other interfaces and features make the Fronius Datamanager 2.0 a vital component of a future-proof system. Find out more

Fronius Smart Meter

The Fronius Smart Meter is a bidirectional meter that can measure and analyse the power consumption in the home or business extremely accurately. Together with the Fronius Solar.web internet portal, it provides a clear visualisation of the energy flows between the photovoltaic system, the consumers and the grid. In the Fronius Energy Package storage solution, the Fronius Smart Meter makes sure that energy management is perfectly matched to the different energy flows. The meter is also ideal for dynamic feed-in control.
Find out more

Third-party components

Fronius makes use of synergies to ensure an efficient supply of energy. Fronius inverters have numerous integrated interfaces and digital inputs and outputs, so they can be connected easily and quickly to third-party components such as home automation systems or heat pumps. The user can distribute the self-generated solar energy intelligently, in the best possible way to meet the specific requirements of the individual property. Find out more

Energy management relay

The Fronius Energy Management Relay provides a solution to optimise the self-consumption rate of self-generated solar energy. It allows a power hysteresis to be configured in Fronius inverters – which means that you can set on/off thresholds on the inverter as units of power. If the inverter produces more than the set power, a relay output is activated and the solar energy generated is used to operate a consumer, instead of being fed into the public grid. The relay output is deactivated if the energy yield drops below a specified value. The Energy Management Relay is already integrated into all Fronius SnapINverter.

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