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24 hours of sun – the Fronius vision for the energy revolution

24 hours of sun is the vision of a world in which we cover 100% of our energy requirements using renewable sources. The energy produced in this way is available in a sufficient quantity to everyone, anywhere and at any time. Solar energy, wind energy and hydroelectric power form the basis of the 24 hours of sun energy supply. Solar energy in particular is available globally in limitless quantities and is therefore ideally suited to decentralised electricity generation and heat supply. Using solar energy, a reliable, clean, independent and sustainable energy supply can be provided at any time, everywhere. Solar energy is therefore the cornerstone of the future of energy, 24 hours of sun. In combination with other renewable energy sources, it represents a long-term alternative to generating power from fossil fuels, which are limited in their availability. At the same time, it is the safer and cleaner option compared to nuclear power. Users can either use the power generated from sunlight for self-consumption, feed it into the public grid or store it temporarily in different ways.

The future of energy

The future of energy

Maximum use of PV for electricity, heating and mobility - intelligent energy-flow management - battery storage

Maximum use of PV - intelligent energy-flow management - storage of excess energy in batteries or as green hydrogen - e-mobility

Communal energy supply and storage

Production of green hydrogen from solar energy - hydrogen vehicle refuelling - re-electrification

Self-sufficiency of remote areas through renewable energy

Storage of excess energy in batteries or as green hydrogen - CH4 production (methanation process)

The house of the future

The vision of 24 hours of sun requires intelligent distribution and consumption of renewable energy at grid level. An energy supply based on 100% renewable energy is even possible for structures located far away from residential areas without access to communal energy storage. The “Fronius house of the future” shows how photovoltaics can be used as the primary energy source to generate a fully autonomous electricity and heat supply for an energy-efficient single-family home.

The house of the future

The solar modules on the roof of the house produce direct current from solar energy, which is then converted into usable alternating current in Fronius Hybrid inverters.

During the day, this electricity powers the electrical loads (consumers) in the property.

The Fronius Hybrid inverter stores the surplus power in the Fronius Solar Battery.

As well as manufacturing inverters, Fronius has also been consistently working on different research projects right from the start, always with the aim of making renewable energy future-proof. The Fronius Energycell, which first went into development as early as 2002, is one of these projects. During the evening and at night, the battery supplies all the energy needed in the single-family home. Hydrogen serves as a long-term storage solution for excess power generated in the summer months. The Fronius Energycell makes this technology possible today.

Fitted with an electrolyser, it produces hydrogen with the help of the solar energy, which is then stored in external tanks. The fuel cell function of the Fronius Energycell allows the stored hydrogen to be converted back into electricity when it is needed.

Generated as a by-product of converting hydrogen into electricity by the fuel cell function of the Fronius Energycell, waste heat is stored in a heat buffer store and can be used to provide hot water and to support the building's heating system.

The energy management system ensures the best possible usage and distribution of the energy generated throughout the home. Equipped with its own photovoltaic system and the storage and management systems from Fronius, the house of the future is fully energy independent, whatever the season.