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Fronius Agilo 100.0-3

Fronius Agilo 100.0-3
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Fronius Agilo 100.0-3
SmartGridReady By professionals for professionals:

The Fronius Agilo has been adapted to meet the needs of installers like no other central inverter on the market. From transport and installation through to maintenance, the specialist can do everything himself. An optional range of services provides additional security – from Start-up assistance through to the service contract.

Technical Data

INPUT DATA  Fronius Agilo 100.0-3 Fronius Agilo 100.0-3 Outdoor
Max. input current (Idc max) 227.0 A
Max. short circuit current, module array 340.5 A
Min. input voltage (Udc min) 460 V
Feed-in start voltage (Udc start) 475 V
Nominal input voltage (Udc,r) 460 V
Max. input voltage (Udc max) 950 V
MPP voltage range (Umpp min - Umpp max) 460 V - 820 V
Number of MPP trackers 1
Number of DC connections 4
AC nominal output (Pac,r) 100 kW
Max. output power 100 kVA
Max. output current (Iac max) 152.6 A
Grid connection (voltage range) 3∼NPE 400 V / 230 V (+17 % / -25 %)
Frequency (frequency range) 50 Hz / 60 Hz (45 - 65 Hz)
Total harmonic distortion < 3 %
Power factor (cos φac,r) 0.8 - 1 ind. / cap.
Item number 4,200,505 4,200,606
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 1884 x 1100 x 700 mm 1914 x 1204 x 862 mm
Weight 834 kg 806 kg
Degree of protection (electronics compartment) IP 30 (IP 54) IP 44 (IP 55)
Protection class 1
Overvoltage category (DC / AC) DC 2 / AC 3
Night-time consumption < 36 W
Inverter design 50 Hz transformer
Cooling Regulated air cooling
Installation Indoor installation Outdoor installation
Ambient temperature range -20 - +50 °C -25 - +55 °C
Permitted humidity 0 % to 95 %
Max. altitude 2,000 m (unrestricted voltage range)
DC connection technology Direct terminal lug (V-type terminal) (70 - 240 mm2)
AC connection technology Agilo Indoor Direct terminal lug (V-type terminal) (35 - 95 mm2)
AC connection technology Agilo Outdoor Direct terminal lug (V-type terminal) (35 - 240 mm2)
Certificates and compliance with standards IEC 62109-1, IEC 62109-2, VDE AR N 4105, Generating systems on the medium-voltage grid (BDEW)1), G59, Grid connection conditions in Denmark (>75A), ÖVE / ÖNORM E 8001-4-712
Max. efficiency 97.2 %
Europ. efficiency (ηEU) 96.6 %
η at 5 % Pac,r2) 90.5 / 84.8 %
η at 10 % Pac,r2) 94.6 / 91.5 %
η at 20 % Pac,r2) 96.6 / 94.7 %
η at 25 % Pac,r2) 96.9 / 95.4 %
η at 30 % Pac,r2) 97.0 / 95.7 %
η at 50 % Pac,r2) 97.2 / 96.3 %
η at 75 % Pac,r2) 96.9 / 96.1 %
η at 100 % Pac,r2) 96.5 / 95.7 %
MPP adaptation efficiency > 99.9 %
DC insulation measurement Warning / shutdown limit adjustable
Overload behaviour Operating point shift, power limitation
DC disconnector Included
2x RS422 (RJ45 socket) Fronius Solar Net, interface protocol
Optionally with Fronius Datamanager Box 2.0:
WLAN / Ethernet LAN Fronius Solar.web, Modbus TCP SunSpec, Fronius Solar API (JSON)
6 inputs and 4 digital inputs/outputs Interface to ripple control receiver
Datalogger and web server Included
RS 485 Modbus RTU SunSpec or meter connection
EMC class A

1) Applies to Fronius Agilo 100.0-3 and Fronius Agilo 100.0-3 Outdoor
2) And at Ummp min = Udc,r / Umpp max


PC board replacement

The foundation of the unique PC board replacement is laid as we develop our inverters, as PC boards can only be replaced if the device has been designed accordingly. This enables our Fronius Service Partners to provide the fastest inverter servicing on the market.

Transport technology

In developing our inverters, we set great store on making them as easy as possible to transport. Our central inverters have recesses in the base to enable them to be moved easily using a lift truck or forklift, and are also equipped with lifting eyes. User-friendly and safe transport guaranteed!

Smart Grid Ready

Fronius inverters are ready for the Smart Grid of tomorrow. The inverters are optimally equipped to meet the technical requirements of grids in the future. A series of smart functions, known as Advanced Grid Features, are built into the devices. These include a number of control functions for optimum feed-in of reactive power and effective power. These functions are designed to enable stable grid operation even when the PV system density is very high and to prevent unwanted interruptions to feed-in and associated yield losses. Fronius inverters therefore help to guarantee the yield of a PV system.

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