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Fronius IG TL 3.6

Fronius IG TL 3.6
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Fronius IG TL 3.6
Get plugged into the future!

System monitoring with the Status Manager comes standard with the Fronius IG TL. This includes following features:
  • String malfunction detection
  • Detailed status codes
  • Direct signaling contact

The Status Manager immediately reports any problems throughout the entire system thus locking in system yields for the long-term.

It also has a unique feature in which a commercially-available USB stick can be used for easy system monitoring as well as simple inverter updating.



Technical Data

INPUT DATA Fronius IG TL 3.6
DC maximum power 3,850 W
Max. input current 10.8 A
Max. input voltage 850 V
MPP voltage range 350 - 700 V
AC nominal output 3,680 W
Max. output power 3,680 W
Max. output current 16.0 A
Max. efficiency 97.7 %
European efficiency 97.2 %
MPP adjustment efficiency > 99.9 %
Mains connection 1~NPE 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Distortion factor < 3 %
Power factor 1
Nighttime consumption ca. 1 W
Dimensions (H x W x  D) 597 x 413 x 195 mm
Weight 19.1 kg
Degree of protection IP 55
Inverter Transformerless
Cooling Controlled air cooling
Installation Indoors and outdoors
Ambient temperatur range -20°C to +55°C
Permitted humidity 0 % to 95 %
DC insulation measurement Universal-current-sensitive fault monitoring
Overload behaviour Operating point adjustment, power limitation
DC disconnector Integrated
USB A socket For USB sticks* no bigger than
80 x 33 x 20 mm (L x W x H)
Signalling output (NO contact) 2-pin screw terminal, 12V max. 300 mA
2x RS 422 (RJ45 socket) Fronius Solar Net, interface protocol

* Please refer to the information in the operating instructions regarding the use of USB sticks (temperature range).
The right to make technical modifications is reserved.

Equipment features

Direct signaling contact.
A warning signal (e.g. indicator light or buzzer) can be activated when there are status changes via the 12 V signal output integrated into the inverter. Malfunctions are reported immediately.

Night display.
System information 24/7. The matrix display shows the most important information regardless of whether or not the inverter is in operation. This is made
possible via the AC side power supply. For example, this enables you to access daily system data on the display even after sundown – including any status messages.

Integrated Solar Net interface.
Other components for system monitoring (e.g. Fronius Datalogger) can be connected directly to the inverter through the standard Solar Net interface. This enables you to easily integrate high-end system monitoring that is 100% compatible with all other Fronius IG inverters as well as the comprehensive Fronius DATCOM world.

The DATCOM slot can be used for connecting the USB stick, optional DATCOM components as well as the direct signaling contact. It opens like a drawer providing easy access. Additional components can be connected later on as required.

Service-friendly installation system.
The connection area and power module are installed separately from each other. Time-consuming cabling is no longer required. When service is needed, the connector remains on the wall and the DATCOM slot remains onsite – all settings and configurations remain untouched. The standard string monitoring system checks the current of up to 6 strings.


Fronius Module Manager

The Fronius Module Manager always locates the maximum power point (MPP), even in the case of the more demanding thin-layer modules. The Fronius Module Manager achieves an outstanding MPP adaptation efficiency of >99.9 % in total.

PC board replacement

The foundation of the unique PC board replacement is laid as we develop our inverters, as PC boards can only be replaced if the device has been designed accordingly. This enables our Fronius Service Partners to provide the fastest inverter servicing on the market.

Mounting system

What is special about the design of our devices is the separation of the connection compartment and the power module compartment. Both are fitted separately. The connection compartment and all its cabling is fitted to the wall before the power module compartment is fitted. When servicing is required, the entire inverter does not have to be removed, just the power module compartment. All settings and configurations are thus retained.

Ventilation concept

With the Fronius ventilation concept, the air required for cooling is sucked in through a ventilator and fed over the cooling element through an hermetically sealed channel. This means that outside air never comes into contact with the power module PC board or any other sensitive electronic components. This increases operational safety and the service life of the inverter.

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