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Robacta Drive Twin

Robacta Drive Twin
Robacta Drive Twin

    Compact, efficient wire feeding system with precise rotary speed regulation, designed for twin-wire welding up to max. 900 A welding current.
    Base metals
    Aluminium, Stainless steel
    Fields of use
    Automotive & ancillary industry, Chemical plant construction, Aviation and space industry, Metal & portal construction, forge, Robot welding, Construction of rail vehicles & rolling stock, Shipbuilding industry and offshore engineering, Construction of special vehicles and building, plant construction, machine-building industry, steel

    Technical Data

    Robacta Drive Twin hose pack  length of hose pack*  welding current  duty cycle  wire Ø mm 
    watercooled 1.6 / 2.6 / 3.6  900 A  100 %  0.8 
    * length = hose pack + torch body

    Equipment features

    Standard equipment:
    • Combination-groove drive rollers (30% better power transmission)
    • Designed for high wirefeed speeds
    • Elastic rubber anti-kink feature at machine and torch end
    • Exact speed regulation assured by digital encoder
    • Gas-test button
    • Graphite inner liner diam. 2.5 mm (for Al and CrNi wires)
    • Holding clamp mounted
    • Separate gas and blow-out lines
    • Swirl-free gas-flow - no loss of gas
    • Toothed pressure and drive rollers
    • UV, temperature and ozone-resistant rubber fabric hoses
    • Wirefeed FWD/BACK button 
    • Adapter for Dinse collision box
    • Basic kit
    • Special lengths of hose pack 1,1 - 10,1 m
    • Steel inner liner for steel wire 
    • MIG brazing
    • MIG/MAG high-performance welding
    • MIG/MAG pulsed arc welding
    • MIG/MAG welding 
    Recommended ground material:
    • Aluminium
    • Stainless steel 
    Recommended areas of use:
    • Automotive & ancillary industry
    • Chemical plant construction
    • Aviation and space industry
    • Metal & portal construction, forge
    • Robot welding
    • Construction of rail vehicles & rolling stock
    • Shipbuilding industry and offshore engineering
    • Construction of special vehicles and building
    • Plant construction, machine-building industry, steel  
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