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Welding made easy

Brains and brawn: The new TransPocket units come with a broad spectrum of applications

Resonant Intelligence brings huge advantages in rod-electrode (MMA) welding. With the debut of the TransPocket 1100, 1200 and 1500, the “ideal characteristic” made its entrance into the world of welding as the new standard. Now this success is being continually built upon. The TransPocket 2500 and 3500 have now expanded Fronius’ range of portable MMA inverters into a high-performing family, hugely enlarging the area of utilisation.

Arc is stable at all times, despite long mains supply leads or voltage fluctuations.
Resonant Intelligence: Perfection is part of the package

No matter whether the mains supply leads are 50 m or 100 m long; no matter whether the mains voltage fluctuates; no matter whether you’re working with or without a generator - the arc always stays absolutely stable. This is the resonance principle. The fully digitised electronic system makes the arc respond completely automatically to any given situation.




The big rotary knob makes it easier to operate the controls without taking your gloves off.


When the going gets tough ...

To rise to the challenge of the many different applications out in the field and in the production shop - often in extremely rough conditions - an even more rugged body was needed. And was duly developed - with all the trimmings:

  • the armour housing makes every unit shockproof and rugged;

  • the higher placed ventilation slots do not let in any water;

  • the integrated dust filter gives reliable protection against dirt,

  • yet the entire series is compact, lightweight and portable;

  • portability is enhanced still further by the series integrated carrying handle and shoulder strap.

Everything taken care of from start to finish

These changes also went hand-in-hand with another significant developmental advance: The digitally controlled TransPocket units are guaranteed to weld any type of electrode up to 5 mm in diameter - including even V-down compatible welding of CEL electrodes within this size range. The ideal ignition settings are already stored in the machine.

When coarse-droplet electrodes are being welded, the Arc Force Control function helps achieve a perfect welding result. Two special ignition functions were developed: Hot Start for CEL and rutile electrodes, Soft Start for all basic ones. When the TransPocket units are used for TIG applications, a microprocessorcontrolled ignition sequence ensures precision, absolutely reliable working.

Here too, there are two functions that make work very much easier: TIG Pulsed-Arc gives you mastery of the weld-pool in out-of-position work and when bridging gaps, while TIG Comfort Stop cures the TIG arc of its annoying habit of breaking at the end of welding.


Manual electrode and perfect TIG welding with the TIG pulsed-arc function, for immaculate welds. Also, gas solenoid valve and remotecontrol jack.
Manual electrode and perfect TIG welding with the TIG pulsed-arc function, for immaculate welds. Also, gas solenoid valve and remotecontrol jack.

Easy menu navigation and plain-text display. Job Mode stores individual settings. Synergic Mode optimises welding parameters for freely selectable types and diameters of electrode.


Success breeds success

The new TransPocket units are the logical onward development of a highly successful series of products. Here too, continuity is the watchword. Continuous quality coupled with yet another increase in performance. The TransPocket 1100, 1200 and 1500, and of course the 2500 and 3500, stand for:

  • Resonant Intelligence principle
  • robust design
  • ease of operation
  • compact size and low weight.

Together with the TransPocket 4000 and 5000 for higher power classes, the entire series of machines is digitally controlled.

More details here.


Created for portability

Worldwide deployment in the field and in production operations, immensely varied potential applications - all this is made possible by more than just the sturdy body: The units’ ability to run on either single or three-phase current, their generator compatibility and their convenient remote-controllability also play a big rôle here.


TransPocket 2500/3500
Lightweight and portable and so right at home on every worksite.
  • all-digitally controlled welding unit with 250 or 350 A
  • ideal characteristic ensures a stable arc, even with e.g. up to 100 m long mains supply leads or fluctuating mains voltages or in generatorpowered operation
  • guaranteed to weld any type of electrode up to diam. 5 mm
  • even V-down compatible welding of CEL electrodes is possible
  • has an “armour plated” housing
  • is compact, lightweight and portable



  • Manual electrode welding, CEL capable
  • TIG-DC 



  • Construction of plant, tanks and vessels
  • Structural steel and mechanical engineering
  • Building trades and construction industry
  • Construction of chemical plants
  • Pipeline construction, siteerection firms
  • Shipbuilding




Welding technology magazine
No. 16 - May 2006

R&D Total

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