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Fronius GEN24 – the heart of your photovoltaic system


New for those who don’t want to opt for an inverter with a battery just yet: The Fronius GEN24 is the inverter that makes it easy for you to become energy self-sufficient. What’s more, it scores top marks when it comes to service life and next-level performance. Whether it’s for electricity, heating, cooling, or e-mobility, you can use your solar power directly whenever the sun is shining.

With or without a Plus, these inverters always deliver

Powerful and modern: The Fronius GEN24 and Fronius GEN24 Plus inverters are intelligent devices built to last.

Thanks to its integrated basic backup power function, the Fronius GEN24 offers a reliable power supply for important loads even in the event of a power failure, as long as the sun is shining

Meanwhile, as a hybrid inverter, the Fronius GEN24 Plus can also use self-generated solar power during low-sun (nighttime) conditions when combined with a battery. With the additional Full Backup option, it can supply the entire household and even large loads.

Backup power right from the start

Even without a battery, the Fronius GEN24 fulfills your desire for a more secure supply in the event of power failure. The integrated basic backup power function, PV Point, provides backup power via a socket as long as the sun is shining.


Sustainably future-proof

For those who decide they want a battery later on: Your installer can upgrade your Fronius GEN24 to the Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter at any time with the Fronius software upgrade, including the option to connect a battery and the Full Backup option*.


* Full Backup is not available for the Fronius Symo GEN24 3.0–5.0 Plus.

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