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PV storage systems for commercial & industrial enterprises

In commercial enterprises in particular, energy is not only required when the sun is shining, but also around the clock. Cooling systems, production machines or computer infrastructures must also be supplied with energy during the evening and overnight. 

The more solar energy used for these loads, the more cost-effective this is for the company.

For this reason, high rates of self-consumption is the highest priority for commercial photovoltaic systems.

This can be achieved through the use of storage systems. To be able to supply critical infrastructure with energy even during power outages, a backup power function is also advantageous. 

With Fronius storage solutions for large-scale systems, you can offer your customers reliable systems that provide clear financial rewards. 

Advantages of PV storage systems for commercial & industrial enterprises

  • Reduced energy costs 
  • Energy security for cost-effective operation with no failures
  • Greater level of self-consumption
  • Quick return on investment

Utilize the full potential of the PV system with energy storage.

A PV system supplies a company with cost-effective solar energy during the day. The addition of a storage system means that surplus energy is not fed into the grid, but stored instead. This energy can then be used in the evening and at night when the PV system is not producing any electricity. As more self-generated electricity is used, the rate of self-consumption is increased.

  • Reduced costs through increased self-consumption and less electricity being sourced from the grid
  • Greater independence from rising electricity prices
  • Quicker return on investment

PV storage systems for increased energy security

Storage systems form the basis for maximum independence – even in the event of power outages and grid disturbances. To continue supplying critical infrastructure in the company with power during a grid failure, stored energy in the battery is used and prevents financial losses from being incurred due to system failures. 

Up to now, diesel generators, which are powered by expensive fuel, were often the backup in emergencies. Well-planned PV systems with an energy storage solution mean these are mostly superfluous. 

Our Fronius storage solutions offer the following:

  • Energy security during grid disturbances & power outages
  • Reliable energy supply for critical infrastructure
  • Economic security through safeguarding of ongoing operation

fronius storage solutions

PV storage systems for smaller PV systems

For small and medium-sized PV systems, a storage solution with several batteries operated in parallel is ideal. Just one battery can be installed initially, and more batteries of the same type and size can be added at a later date. 

A perfect combination here is the following: 

  • Fronius hybrid inverter (Fronius Symo & Primo GEN24 Plus, Fronius Symo Hybrid) 
  • A BYD Battery-Box Premium 

As no additional hardware is required for the installation, there are also no additional costs. What’s more, customers can start small and then expand the system flexibly at any time. 

Large-scale PV systems with storage solutions

An additional storage solution is the ideal choice for larger businesses and as a reliable power supply for critical infrastructure. The solution is based on the following components:

  • A Fronius inverter (Fronius Eco, Fronius Tauro)
  • A battery inverter from Victron, Elum or Selectronic
  • Several battery storage systems
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In areas with unstable grids or in the case of systems without grid connections, MicroGrid & backup systems come into play. 

More about MicroGrid solutions

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