Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging


The compact, multifunctional multi-circuit battery charging system

Do you need to charge a large number of batteries in a small space at the same time? Then the compact Acctiva Multicharger battery charging system from Fronius is the ideal solution. Each of its six charging circuits in its space-saving housing can be used independently in charging or test mode, even with different types of battery and states of charge. When a battery is fully charged, the device automatically switches to conservation charge, thereby reducing energy consumption and protecting the battery. The LCD displays inform you of the state of charge at a glance. This makes the Acctiva Multicharger ideal for maintaining batteries in storage.

Product details

Acctiva Multicharger

- Simultaneously charge and test up to 6 starter batteries
- Each charging circuit can be used independently
- Suitable for charging all lead starter batteries
- 100% safety for vehicle, vehicle electronics and battery
- Charging status indicated by segments on display
- Refresh mode for regenerating deep-discharged batteries
- Simple wall mounting 

Active Inverter

- Compact dimensions and low weight for flexible application options
- Optimised charging process for maximum energy efficiency and lower energy costs
- Conservation charging minimises the risk of self discharge, even during longer periods of non-use
- High performance: optimal use of battery capacity