Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging


The professional battery charging system for all workshop requirements

The Acctiva Professional 35A portable battery charging system ensures that servicing work is completed with ease. Its constant voltage during diagnosis and software updates prevent errors from occurring on the control unit. Back-up mode ensures that user settings in the vehicle are retained when the battery is changed and power supply mode guarantees a constant energy supply without any support from the battery. An animated user guidance feature on the graphic display makes it the ideal tool for vehicle technicians. Individual charging parameters can be adjusted in Professional mode, which is protected with secure access.

Product details

Acctiva Flash 70A and Prof 35A

- Plug & Charge for fully automatic charging
- Suitable for charging all lead starter batteries and powering the vehicle
- 100% safety for vehicle, vehicle electronics and battery
- Clear display for setting all functions and displaying all charging data
- Refresh mode for regenerating deep-discharged batteries
- Update-compatible thanks to an integrated USB interface
- Edge protector provides stability and prevents paint damage

Active Inverter

- Compact dimensions and low weight for flexible application options
- Optimised charging process for maximum energy efficiency and lower energy costs
- Conservation charging minimises the risk of self discharge, even during longer periods of non-use
- High performance: optimal use of battery capacity