Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Battery chargers 4.0 for 48 V / 36 V batteries

One battery charger for every battery

The battery chargers from the Selectiva product family offer flexible charging of batteries with different voltages and capacities. Among the benefits for you are the simple and standardised operation and amount of space needed as well as low operating costs. 
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Product details

Power Charging

With the Power Charging option it is possible to increase a low lead battery level with help of rapid or opportunity charging within a short amount of time.

Cold Logistics

The Cold Logistics option increases the performance of the cooled battery by inreasing the temperature. The characteristic is adapted in such a way that the battery is fed with a higher amount of energy in order to warm it.

Convincing quality

Fronius products have an exceptionally long life expectancy and are produced by the highest quality standards. This not only impresses us, but also our customers for more than 75 years. Our intelligent and future-proof products are also offered with an impressive five year product guarantee.

Flexible and adaptive

We are aware that your everyday business is often very demanding. That is why our Selectiva 4.0 chargers are modularly designed, lightweight and easy to move to the required location, making charging the most common lead acid, lead crystal and CSM batteries possible. We also offer a conversion to the Fronius lithium-ion energy package SOLUTION. Your advantage? A charger that adapts flexibly to your requirements and the different tensions and capacities of your batteries.

Ri charging characteristic

The Ri charging process adapts to each battery's requirements and delivers exactly the right current for the optimal charging.

CSM Characteristic

The CSM characteristic enables this type of battery to be optimally charged and can be combined with the Power Charging option.

Lead Crystal characteristic

The Lead Crystal function contains a special characteristic for optimally charging these maintenance-free batteries.

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