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About us

Fronius Australia 10 years celebrate with us

10 Years of Success

This year marks Fronius Australia's 10th year in Australia!

From Fronius humble beginnings, we have grown to become Australia's most trusted and loved inverter brand. In the last decade, Fronius Australia has gone from strength to strength, paving the way in solar with innovative design, communication and energy management features.

But the success of Fronius Australia rests not only on having a great product but also on the value placed on excellent service and strong partnerships built up among the team in the early years. It continues today as a keystone in the foundation of everything that Fronius Australia's stands for.


Fronius first became available in Australia in 2000, officially opening the doors of its Australia subsidiary in Tullamarine, Victoria, in 2010.


With a new snap-in design and remote monitoring features, the release of the first Fronius SnapINverter in 2013, the Fronius Galvo, marked the acceleration of Fronius' popularity in Australia.

Monitoring was more of an add-on in those days and would have cost anywhere up to $1000 to install. The Fronius Galvo was one of the first inverters with a Wi-Fi card inbuilt as standard. The inbuilt DC isolator also helped with inverter popularity as it made installation easier and safer with fewer connection points.

But it was with the Fronius Smart Meter that Fronius started paving the way for solar as we know it today. This made energy management possible for the first time.


Constantly researching cutting-edge technologies from which new business ideas derived mark the beginning of an inverter revolution with the launch of the Primo and Symo GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter and Fronius Tauro, the powerful inverter for companies and large-scale systems.

Fronius is also working on a complete offering of its e-mobility solution for customers to charge their cars use their solar energy. This means that all energy needs required by a solar system owner are available from a single source from power generation to energy storage to powering the household and e-mobility.

We are 24 hours of sun. 

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» As a solar business committed to delivering quality and tailored solar energy solutions, Fronius has proved to be a perfect partner. We have worked closely with Fronius since 2012 because they share our values of quality, sustainability and ‘doing the right thing by the customer’. The trust we have built, and the strength of our relationship means we can confidently offer Fronius products to every customer «

David Bruce, General Manager of Essential Solar

Important Milestones