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52 MWp solar farm with Fronius Eco inverters

Large-scale PV project in Ukraine to pay for itself after six years

Tokmak Solar Energy shows how solar projects in the double-digit megawatt range can be implemented successfully, with high yields and with optimised costs. This photovoltaic system with an impressive 51.9 MWp was completed in October 2018 in the city of the same name, Tokmak.


“Tokmak Solar Energy is a premium dealer and service partner of Fronius. Our company was one of the first to become active in the field of renewable energy in Ukraine. Our company has been operating in the Ukrainian renewable energy market for eight years and contributes to the energy independence of our country. In 2018, we completed the construction of our largest 50 MW solar farm in the city of Tokmak,” says Oleksandr Riepkin, CEO of Tokmak Solar Energy.

The system will have paid for itself after six years.


The photovoltaic system with a total output of 51.9 MWp is located in an area equivalent to the size of 130 football fields and is therefore currently one of the largest in Ukraine. It can supply around 80,000 people with green energy – which is both CO2-free and sustainable.


„It took two years to plan, followed by a further two years to construct the entire system. Around 120 people were employed on site, who installed 170,000 solar modules and almost 2,000 inverters“, reports Benjamin Fischer, Area Sales Manager at Fronius Solar Energy.



» Fronius is our reliable partner. «




The Fronius Eco inverter was chosen for this free-standing system in Tokmak, which ensures that the running costs (OPEX) are kept as low as possible. Thanks to active cooling technology, the inverters do not require regular maintenance and thus guarantee the lowest possible maintenance costs throughout the entire service life.



If there is a problem, Tokmak Solar Energy can replace the components directly on site – without long downtimes – thanks to the Fronius PC board replacement concept. This also keeps running costs low and at the same time guarantees maximum yields. „Seven years ago we selected Fronius as the world’s leading manufacturer of inverter equipment. Since then, Fronius has been our reliable partner“, says Oleksandr Riepkin about the long-standing partnership with Fronius.


Fronius has its own branch office in Kiev with a warehouse for spare and replacement parts. This helps to further improve the services offered and strengthen the cooperation.

About the system:

System size: 51.9 MWp
System type: Free-standing system
Fronius devices:

65 x Fronius Eco 27.0-3-S

1,858 x Fronius Eco 27.0-3-S light

Fronius Smart Meter

Annual yield:  Approx. 67,000 MWh 
Payback time: 6 years

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