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Fronius System Partner One vision. Strong partners.

The world of energy is changing: digitization, new technologies, integration of energy sectors and increased energy consumptions are opening up new areas of business. To make use of these opportunities, we need to understand energy as a multi-sector concept and advise the customer accordingly. Our goal is to provide the best possible service and solutions to our customers. We can only achieve this with strong partners, which is why we are further enhancing our partnership program.

Together for 100% renewable energy.


The advantages at a glance


When you are successful with Fronius, we are successful. That’s why we support you with a range of different tools to help you secure sales.

Better informed

You will have a decisive information advantage as well as practical knowledge regarding Fronius system solutions: from maintaining existing systems through to solarising your customer’s entire energy supply.

Unique Support

Prioritized handling in the technical support hotline and easy access to spare parts for the guaranteed best service plan on the market.


Holding regular dialogue with our partners is something we value at Fronius. At our Fronius System Partner events, you can network with other partners and discuss your experiences directly with representatives from Fronius.


The Fronius Solar.web online portal helps you to generate demand for system add-ons among your existing customer base and secure long-term follow-up orders for your business. As a Fronius System Partner, you can enjoy the full potential of Solar.web Premium for free.


Our end customers are in the best possible hands with Fronius System Partners. The added value that you provide as a Partner is strongly highlighted on our website, through our social media channels and in our marketing materials.
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» “We're proud to be a Fronius System Partner, as we both strive towards offering quality, reliable and sustainable energy solutions to our customers. With this partnership, we aim to share knowledge, know-how and technology with each other, ultimately benefitting our customers with seamless service and support." «


Fronius System Partners benefit from a large network of experts and comprehensive know-how straight from the manufacturer.

  • Practical training courses and webinars
  • Advance information through exclusive product presentations
  • Networking Events

Fronius System Partners provide their customers with the best service plan on the market.

  • Prioritized handling in the expert hotline
  • Exclusive on-site PC board replacement
  • Troubleshooting and cases in one place with Fronius SOS – 24/7 access
  • Entitlement to wear work clothing featuring the FRONIUS System Partner logo

Fronius System Partners are supported by our sales and marketing experts.

  • Listing of your company in the Fronius installer search
  • Provision of promotional and trade fair materials (brochures, flyers, …)
  • Promotion of our partners as qualified experts for planning, implementation and care of Fronius system solutions.
  • Exclusive referral of qualified customer enquiries
  • Entitlement to use the FRONIUS System Partner logo as part of the FSP’s corporate presence
  • Free Solar.web Premium

Are we the right partner for you?

You are 
a certified Solar/ Electrical company, who has experience in delivering reliable PV systems tailored to the customer’s requirements. You have at least five (5) serial number registrations of installed Fronius inverters as well as five (5) PV-Systems in Fronius Solar.web.

Do you want to provide reliable and customizable energy system solutions as well as significant added value when it comes to installation and service?

Become a Fronius System Partner and gain a decisive edge in practical knowledge as well as exclusive benefits for getting the best out of Fronius system solutions.


What do we expect?

  • At least four (4) attendances per year and company at Fronius webinars, training events or customer events that are subject to registration.
  • At least five (5) serial number registrations of installed Fronius inverters per year
  • At least five (5) new PV-Systems connected with Fronius Solar.web by your company per year
  • At least one (1) person is employed in your company at any time, that have attended the Fronius System Partner qualification training.
  • Annual update of contact details.
*The final decision upon acceptance of the applicant company as Fronius System Partner behoves Fronius



The Fronius Partner Programme is an important step towards realising our vision of “24 hours of sun”, a future in which 100% of the world’s energy needs are covered by renewable sources.


Together for 100% renewable energy.

One Vision. Strong Partners.