Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Innovative charging technology for Austria’s most refreshing beer


11-7-2019 / Vienna / Austria
True to tradition yet in keeping with the times: Ottakringer is one of Austria’s largest independent breweries with a history spanning over 180 years. Today, this Vienna-based family business employs around 150 people and generates a yearly turnover of EUR 81 million. Each year, more than 540,000 hectolitres of beer leave the brewery’s tanks. In terms of intralogistics, twelve electric forklift trucks from the manufacturer Still are deployed. 
Fronius Selectiva at Ottakringer Brewery
The initial situation: Several decentralised stations were installed to charge the trucks’ batteries, including an array of battery charging systems that use a variety of technologies. Since Ottakringer had had positive experiences with Fronius in the past, the decision to replace the charging stations with a central solution with new battery charging systems was an easy one. Fronius was not only called upon for its expertise with charging technology here, it also helped to select the site and install and configure the equipment in line with the relevant standards.
Fronius Selectiva at Ottakringer Brewery

The implementation: Fronius designed the station before delivering 12 Selectiva battery charging systems including charging racks in the autumn of 2017. The economical Ri charging process, with charging characteristics that are individually calculated for different batteries, prevents overcharging, and reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions. An external start/stop option is also available for increased safety: this reliably prevents sparking when the charging plug is disconnected and thereby reduces the risk of explosion due to oxyhydrogen generated during charging. Fronius also helped find the right site with a view to achieving maximum safety and implemented the system, ensuring compliance with all standards and regulations. The new station consequently had no problems attaining TÜV certification. 


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