Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging


7-8-2016 / Munich, Germany
Car manufacturer BMW operates its own vehicle fleet for use for special purposes, such as VIP events and product placements in TV series, or for motoring and TV journalists. The company has around 1,400 vehicles and motorcycles of all types available at its car park in Garching near Munich.

These vehicles are sometimes in storage for up to three months, which has frequently led to battery self-discharge. This causes the vehicle electronics, such as the air conditioning system or navigation system, to switch off. The additional expense incurred when preparing the vehicles prior to delivery/use was significant.

Fronius was able to solve this problem thanks to its intelligent charging technology. The Acctiva Easy battery charging systems boast high performance levels and compact dimensions, allowing them to be affixed directly to the parking spaces. Around a third of the vehicle fleet is constantly in storage in the car park and is permanently supplied with energy. The vehicle battery is charged via the charging terminals or cigarette lighter and can be monitored on the clear LCD display. The device also has a test function, which checks the state of charge of the battery.

Discharged batteries are now a thing of the past. Costs for preparing the vehicles have been significantly reduced since the installation of the battery charging systems.

Company name
Location and country Munich, Germany
Sector Automotive industry
Vehicles used Passenger cars, motorcycles
Type of battery 12 V
Fronius portfolio Acctiva Easy (BMW OEM)