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New Storage Solution: GEN24 Plus & BYD Battery Box Premium

Producten en oplossingen

The Fronius portfolio will soon be extended to include the versatile GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter, an all-in-one solution for comprehensive solar self-sufficiency. Together the new BYD Battery-Box Premium and the GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter form a storage system that is setting new standards in terms of versatility and performance.

Solar energy storage Solutions

The new Primo GEN24 Plus (3 to 6 kW) will be available in 2021, whereas the new Symo GEN24 Plus will be on the market in September 2020.

All GEN24 Plus hybrid inverters are equipped with a battery connection, energy management, monitoring and open interfaces as standard. The BYD Battery-Box Premium storage systems are made up of individual storage modules and can be combined (1) with the GEN24 Plus in two different designs:

  • Battery-Box Premium HVS  (5,12 to 10,24 kWh)
  • Battery-Box Premium HVM (11,04 to 22,08 kWh.)

Grid back-up for the highest levels of self-sufficiency

The Fronius GEN24 Plus inverters guarantee energy security with the PV Point, an integrated basic grid back-up supply for a grid back-up socket. Loads can also be supplied by the PV generator and the battery during a power failure by means of Multi Flow Technology.

Combined with a sufficiently dimensioned battery, the powerful Symo GEN24 Plus is characterized by full grid back-up (2). This means that larger loads such as heat pumps can also be operated, guaranteeing both self-sufficiency and flexibility.

“With the GEN24 Plus, we are introducing a global hybrid inverter onto the market that will enable us, together with BYD, to implement impressive storage solutions in both single-phase and three-phase markets around the world. This makes us first choice when it comes to selecting a storage solution that can be tailored to a customer’s needs.”

Martin Hackl, Head of Solar Energy at Fronius International GmbH

(1) depending on inverter type and country-specific certifications

(2) optional