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Pakistan's first Fronius Tauro Rooftop SYSTEM AT MEHRAN foods

23/02/2022 / Karachi, Pakistan
With a 370 kW rooftop installation at Mehran Foods and Spices, Rameen Renewables Pvt Ltd. has installed its first Fronius Tauro project in Pakistan. 

What were the requirements for a PV system at Mehran Foods and Spices?

Mehran Foods and Spices is one of the biggest producers of foodstuffs in Pakistan. Of course, a reliable energy supply is vital for their business. With rising grid electricity prices and an often times instable grid in Karachi, the advantages of an investment in solar energy were clear. In 2021, Mehran's management therefore took the decision to install a 370 kW rooftop system together with EPC company Rameen Renewables Pvt Ltd.


What are the technical details of the installation?

Location: Mehran Foods and Spices, Karachi, Pakistan

Size of installation: 370 kW

Inverters used: 3 x 100 kW Fronius Tauro Eco - Direct Variant

Annual Production: 519.5 mWh

Module type & surface: Canadian Solar 54 W on a surface of 2363 m²

Self-sufficiency rate: 34 %

Installer: Rameen Renewables Pvt Ltd.


Why was Fronius Tauro the inverter of choice?

Rameen Solar Energy has been working closely with Fronius since 2015 in sales. When approached by a premium customer like Mehran Foods and Spices, the new Fronius Tauro Eco with its BOS cost savings, its robust and longlasting build and easy servicing was offered with confidence. In the end, Fronius was the first choice of customer.


Factory-trained installation and service

Along with the Fronius Middle East team, a network of Fronius System Partners (FSP) is the backbone of a strong service across all Middle Eastern countries. As a Fronius System Partner in Pakistan, Rameen Renewables is a factory-trained Fronius installer. Customers benefit from the latest know-how in installation and system design, but they also receive the best service through all stages of the lifetime of their PV system

A big factor for sustainable, longlasting and economic PV systems are their repairability. With Fronius installers being able to perform individual part exchanges instead of having to order and wait for a whole new inverter to arrive, quick servicing and cost reduction for both installers and system owners are ensured. This makes Rameen Renewables the most reliable partner for economic and longlasting PV systems of all sizes.

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