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Easy integration of a PV system into an existing Genset by local installers

02.11.2020 / Zimbabwe
PV-Genset system reduces fuel costs in Zimbabwe

A solar/diesel hybrid system (PV-Genset) is an optimal solution, especially in countries with unstable energy supplies. While diesel-powered systems have tended to be the most popular choice in the past, these are now frequently being upgraded with the addition of a photovoltaic system.


A tobacco factory in Zimbabwe has been using a PV system coupled with a 150 kVA diesel generator for several years. Following the completion of a capacity upgrade project, the system will ultimately be able to save up to 60 % in their previous daily fuel usage, which could work out to as much as 100 litres of fuel a day or more. The system was installed and commissioned by local Fronius System Partner James Davy, supported by OneStopSolar.


Easy installation, easy expansion of a solar/diesel hybrid system

“The aim is to gradually expand the energy system at the tobacco factory,” says James Davy, who heads up the solar company that installed the system “First, we added a 45 kWp PV system to a 64 kVA Genset. A 150 kVA Genset followed and we hope that an additional 35 kWp of PV output will be installed.”


» We hope that an additional 35 kWp of PV output will be installed soon. «



PV-Genset Easy solution for a system in Zimbabwe

The solar/diesel hybrid system consists of Fronius inverters, Fronius PV System Controllers, a diesel generator and current sensors.


“It’s important for us to be able to install the system ourselves. The success of the installation stands and falls with the communication between the individual components. As a trained Fronius System Partner, we can set up the system to deliver its optimum potential. And if we still need assistance, we can contact the Fronius technical support team both at Fronius and OneStopSolar,” says James Davy.




Fronius inverters have numerous open interfaces, allowing individual solutions to be implemented with third-party components.


Fronius System Partners provide the fastest on-site service

Fronius system partners can maintain and service the PV system on site. This is a huge advantage, especially in countries with weak infrastructure.


As a Fronius System Partner, an installer can keep spare components in stock and replace the devices on site with just one visit. Not only does this save on personnel, travel and shipping costs, but the system is also back in operation as soon as possible.


Online system monitoring with Fronius Solar.web

The PV-Genset System is monitored, analysed and visualised by the installer using the Fronius Solar.web online portal. He also receives automatic service notifications, allowing delivery of proactive customer support.



About the system:

Type of system Fronius PV-Genset Easy
System size
45 kWp PV system, additional 35 kWp will be added, 150 kVA Genset
Components used  3x Symo 15.0-3-M in combination with a Fronius PV System Controller
Commissioned  March 2020
Annual yield  Approx. 80,000 kWh
Special feature
100 litres daily diesel savings

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