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fronius solar.creator design pv systems easily

Designing PV systems with the Solar.creator

The Fronius Solar.creator is a free, flexible and user-friendly online configuration tool that supports you to comprehensively plan and design PV systems when consulting and providing solutions for your customers. It can be individually adapted to your needs and, with its numerous functions, offers assistance in all planning stages of your projects. 

Benefits of the Fronius Solar.creator

  • Completely free of charge and with wide range of functions
  • Connected to weather database to determine irradiation data and forecast yields
  • Automatic suggestions of Fronius components
  • Detailed reports show all important information at a glance
  • Simple export of configurations
  • One account - An infinite number of projects

More than just a planning tool

The Fronius Solar.creator offers a wide range of functions that go far beyond the planning of PV systems

The tool considers all steps from choosing the right location to the finished report.

Automatic suggestions of other suitable Fronius solutions ensure that you can plan the optimum, fully comprehensive system for your customers.

The results of your configuration can be prepared individually and shared directly with customers, colleagues or technical advisors.

One account - endless projects

With just one account, you can plan and manage an endless number of projects without having to constantly log in and out of the tool.

The clear display helps you maintain a comprehensive overview of all your projects

The clear display helps you to keep an overview. The user-friendly Solar.creator guides you step by step through the individual planning stages for each of your orders. 

Focus on the customer

Create detailed reports that you can share directly with your customers. The customer receives all important information at a glance:

  • Economic efficiency calculation
  • Representation of the energy flows for systems with several components
  • Overview of the components used

Thanks to the load profiles predefined in the tool, which support you in choosing a consumer profile, you can give your customers a detailed estimate of the expected consumption.


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