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Fronius Solar.web


Fronius Solar.web is not just a professional monitoring tool that provides installers with real-time system data at all times, but it also offers comprehensive analysis functions that enable individual consultation and ongoing optimisation of the PV system.

Both system owners and installers can use the online tool to view important data such as installed system capacity, current daily values, PV yield and energy consumption at any time.

With the help of automatic notifications, system errors can also be detected and rectified as quickly as possible, thus minimising downtime and maximising yield.

The advantages at a glance

  • Function test: Retrieve real-time system data at any time with Solar.web.
  • Yield & consumption analysis: quickly determine whether there is potential for the integration of additional components, such as battery storage systems or Ohmpilot.
  • Fastest service on the market: Solar.web supports you in offering your customers the best service.
  • Maximum flexibility: access via the desktop or at any time when out and about using the app.


Extensive basic version and premium functions

Even in the free basic version, extensive functions are available. For users who want to delve even deeper into the analysis and optimisation of the PV system, the premium version, which is subject to a fee, offers additional features.
  • User-friendly display of the current energy flows
  • Display of the daily production and consumption curves of the last three days
  • Display of production and consumption on a daily, monthly and annual level over the entire life of the PV system
  • Detailed analysis options of the PV system over the entire life of the system
  • Easy management of a large number of PV systems
  • Automatic notifications and regular reports
  • Ohmpilot and storage simulation
  • Automatic updates of all Fronius system components
  • Representation of the daily production and consumption curves over the entire lifetime of the system
  • Individually adaptable reporting options
  • Enhanced analysis options with additional energy balance data
  • Permanent overview of power consumption for cost control
  • Displaying PV profitability
  • Extensive weather display (currently available in AT, DE, IT)
  • Prediction of PV production (AT, DE, IT)
  • Compatible with the Fronius Solar.web Amazon Alexa Skill

Simulations: identifying and exploiting potential

With the help of simulations, you can easily see whether it would make sense to integrate a storage system or a Fronius Ohmpilot into the PV system. How could the additional component increase self-consumption and what savings would arise? With the simulations in Solar.web, you can show system owners quickly and easily what effect the expansion of the system would have on their self-consumption rate.

Fastest service with PV system monitoring

Fronius Solar.web makes it possible to handle service cases regardless of location and as quickly as possible: Automatic service messages in Solar.web inform you immediately about system errors. The first error analysis can be performed immediately via desktop or in the app. The Fronius SOS online tool can be used for further error analysis and for ordering replacement components.

If you need Fronius Tech Support to process a service case, the most important information can also be viewed via Solar.web – this speeds up troubleshooting and guarantees fast and uncomplicated support.

Using Fronius Solar.web

Solar.web is an online tool that can be used easily and free of charge after registration either on your computer or via the app on your tablet or smartphone when you are out and about.

The system information is received via the data communication unit integrated into the inverter, which transmits all necessary data to Fronius Solar.web via LAN or WLAN connection.

The data communication function is integrated as standard in the SnapINverter and GEN24 Plus series, but can be easily retrofitted in all other models. A Fronius Smart Meter is required to display the power consumption.

Solar.web Desktop

Download app & get Started

PV system monitoring: Get started right away

So why wait?

  • Register for Solar.web
  • Add PV system
  • Benefit from the numerous functions
  • Use the full potential of the PV system and deliver optimal service
  • Keep systems up-to-date at all times with online updates 

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