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Perfect Charging

An efficient solution for every grid


Fronius can now provide a better service to its customers in South America, thanks to the development of the new Selectiva battery charging systems for the three-phase 220-volt grid. In so doing, Fronius is responding to a peculiarity of the South American market: there are usually two different grids available. 
We have developed new Selectiva battery charging systems especially for the South American market. These are designed for the three-phase 220-volt grid system, which is found throughout South and Central America, in addition to the single-phase three-wire system. This new development demonstrates our commitment to this region and enables efficient and reliable solutions for charging 48 V and 36 V traction batteries from every grid.
The new Selectiva 4120 3x220, Selectiva 4140 3x220 and Selectiva 4160 3x220 battery charging systems provide advanced charging technology in the form of the Ri charging process. By taking into account the battery’s age, temperature and state of charge, potential overcharging can be avoided, which in turn reduces energy loss while the battery is plugged into the mains. The process increases both the battery’s energy efficiency and its service life.
While the three-phase grid with 400 volts and 50 Hertz is common in Europe, in South America, you will find the industry standard three-phase grid with 220 volts and a frequency of 60 Hertz. In some regions of Mexico, this standard is available in around 80 percent of instances, in Colombia up to 50 percent and in Brazil up to 25 percent. It can also be found in parts of Argentina and other countries in Central and South America. The 3x220 range was designed for this mains supply. Conversely, European companies operating in this region tend to use the European standard in their factories and can default to known charging solutions from Fronius.

Battery Charging Systems

Fronius stands for innovative and tailor-made systems for charging batteries in intralogistics.

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